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thu 15 nov 01

from a fencing text: our enemies: ego, falsehood, prejudice, compromise, vanity, cowardice and ignorance. our defenses: self-control, truthfulness, understanding, firmness, humility, bravery and knowledge.

vintage '59 airstream trailer.

rural machinery and farm equipment in eastern poland.

balanced sitting poster on a forward sloping seat.

a running nose you can stop. or at least catch ...

beans up the nose. oh, yeah. as soon as your parents say *not* to do something, that's when you just have to try it out ...

sea shanties.

the history of plumbing ... babylonia.

bbc: imf sees global slowdown.

bbc: diesel fumes harmful to children. another european health wake-up call you likely won't hear in america.

ananova: three tunisians attending flight schools in florida deported.

the register: cisco high end routers in denial of service peril.

kde 3.0 screenshots.

global free press, san franscisco chronicle: cnn, the shadow of a once-great network.

speaking of media, i wonder how much my daily traffic will drop off while the "victoria's secret" special is on ...

i wonder if we'll ever get to that point ... where, upon buying a film (say, casablanca) one can digitally swap out actors and actresses at will. want to see arnold schwarzenegger in 'hamlet'? or frank sinatra in 'saturday night fever'? the mind boggles. [erk.]

reuters: bruce lee returns to the big screen ... digitally.

reuters: senate passes two year extension of internet tax ban! interesting statistic here ... internet commerce only accounts for *1%* of retail sales? sheesh. we ain't as great as we think. or, we have so much yet to do ...

well, i went out at one p.m. to start dealing with some client things, didn't get back till now (6 p.m.). whew.

will big spending on computers guarantee profitability?

ananova: the world toilet summit. wonder if they're working on a low-flow that functions properly ...

there's not much in this world that's more enjoyable than working under deadline, while your neighbor has a new garage built. at least three guys are banging hammers at the same time, putting up sheathing. aye-yi-yi ... my poor cranium. given that it's empty, the echoes are killing me ... (grin) ... [and, yes, i did mean my cranium was empty ...]

newsforge: a new 'linux-managers' maillist.

the register: amd ships 1.2 ghz duron.

dpreview: contax n digital. six megapixels and zeiss lenses ... mmm, mmm.

yahoonews: fed's parry: short term outlook a bit rocky.

the linux terminal - a beginner's bash.

xmlhack: new soap software releases.

webref: heirmenus fixed to work with ie6.

zope: new feature for xmlkit.

osopinion: 'microsoft is scared.'

prospect: which civilization? looking at fundamentalism and secular humanism.

nando times: 9/11, the movie, coming soon. should it?

globe and mail: the long tradition of religion vs. art.

nando times: professional musicians' brains are wired for sound.

times of india: fbi quizzes pakistanis over anthrax scare. in chester, pennsylvania.

times of india: al-qaeda chemical weapons lab found. "... appears to have been a makeshift laboratory, complete with foul-smelling liquids in dirty brown jars and scattered papers covered in chemical formulas."

times of india: mullah omar claims "big plan to destroy u.s."

ny times: tuberculosis group tries to spur research for new antibiotics.

ny times: democrat economic stimulus package dies in senate.

ny times: very quietly, the dead sea scrolls are finally published. only a very brief mention of the serious controversies over this publication. i look forward to more comprehensive articles.

ny times: crash inquiry focuses on tail fin. note, i may have been correct. the composite angle is definitely on the table here. exposure to u/v and sunlight is a problem; microcracking, fibre fracture and delamination can lead to progressive structural failure. the attachment points are the weak spot; often where you mate a hard material to a flexible material, failure will occur (thinking steel or aluminum bolted to composite). think of the constant vibration your average airframe undergoes! anyway, in my humble opinion, planes built with composites should be checked much more often than once every five years.

ny times: king george seems to have little faith in congress.

international herald tribune: wto sets fresh talks to promote free trade.

international herald tribune: evidence of xerxes' canal. trust herodotus.

reuters: repubs are trying to piggyback the arctic oil drilling issue on the economic stimulus bill.

still cloudy and raining lightly on and off. i shouldn't knock it; we need the h20.