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fri 09 nov 01

a friend was wondering about web hosting, and was looking at dogbark.com's offerings. check the 'frontpage extensions' indications in the chart ... [guffaw] ... my kind of outfit.

the journalist's creed.

newsforge: linux system administration boot camp, san francisco, december 8-9.

cbs marketwatch: the media recount of bush/gore will break on monday. let's hope we have facts and figures, not just 'analysis' of journalists.

nasa earth observatory: sorry, guys, but below normal rainfall in the southwest isn't a repeat of last year. we broke the drought last winter.

bbc: cash machines have a security hole.

webreference: the new paradigm: back to basics.

wired: identity of 'tourist guy' discovered.

avi2mov. like a good swiss army knife, keep converters around. you never know when you might need to get an avi into quicktime format. gone are the days when we had to go through six programs just to convert a PICT to a TGA ... but the point is, keep the tools around. ya never know.

linux programming: python-url!

freshmeat: python gui wizard, yapboard, webconference, dbxml core.

runtime revolution.

it's one of those times when i've got so much stuff on my plate, i just go cross-eyed. time to make a list, and prioritize. one step at a time. focus on the smaller goals, the big ones will take care of themselves ...

cnn.com: historic gold bar sells for $8 million. authentic california 'gold rush' gold recovered from the 'central america' wreck.

faz: rembrandt show in kassel, germany.

times of india: jiang zemin: terrorism an abuse of human rights.

times of india: opposition forces claim to have taken mazar-i-sharif.

ny times: entertaining. pat robertson, oil baron. i'm waiting to hear the definition of a biblically acceptable level of pollution. i'd be more impressed if mr. robertson took the high ground here. some further information.

ny times: the u.n., as a target.

reuters: statues of ashoka unearthed.

reuters: 'captain correlli's mandolin' isn't going over big as italy sends troops to afghanistan.

reuters has changed their 'human interest' section to 'oddly enough.' there's something striking in that.

wha-humph? oh *yeah*, it's friday, thank goodness ...