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thu 08 nov 01

reuters: the tech behind timing formula one races.

santa fe new mexican: still debating the 'concealed carry' laws.

mysql data manager.

sangre de cristo mountaineering school. relatively local. cool.

i've heard rumours that zassenhaus hand-cranked coffee mills are best ... and i don't mean for making barbed wire ...

forest service directive would keep public in the dark about logging, road building in america's pristine forests.

chicago sun-times: robert novak gives his take on the election results, warning republicans of 2002.

webmasterbase: cleaner, sharper jpegs and gifs. fresher breath, too.

apache cocoon 2 almost ready. xml.

stables of naxos: pyobjtool.

sysadmin: parsing interesting things.

infoworld: bsd's strength lies in devilish details.

geeknews: php nuke 5.3 released.

macnn: prosql preview 3.

freshmeat: xml frequently asked questions.

the register: the ms judgment, before and after.

i'm not finding much around that others haven't linked to. bear with me; still got some production to catch up on. and, at the same time (multitasking), i'm trying to thaw a flank steak for dinner ...

international herald tribune: the secret iraqi school for terrorists.

just ordered a 50' vga extender cable. taking bets on whether it'll work.

miss me?

2:30 p.m.: well *that* took longer than i anticipated.

8:30 a.m.: a meeting in just about a half hour from now, so little linkage till i get back.