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mon 05 nov 01

guardian.uk: read this one. entertaining. "rag tag soldiers betray flaws in northern alliance arsenal." thanks to an old friend via email.

here's an interesting glitch. went to print some code out of bbedit 6.5 (os9), and after hitting 'print' to send the job to the spooler, the entire interface had to redraw. each button, one at a time, on each palette. each entry in my open palette of 'html entities', etc. etc. in slow motion. maybe a bug? i'll have to watch ...

a repeat from friday, 'cause it's important: corrupt music cd's tracking list. also, how to lodge a complaint, by returning the cd ...

happy second year to "available domain name of the week."

ibm developerworks: synchronizing processes and threads.

coldoc.com: modifying the windows xp 'start' button.

the register: compactflash hits one gigabyte.

amdmb: amd xp 1900+ processor review.

city journal.uk: our islamic fifth column.

times of india: u.s. commando's body to be delivered to pakistani city. who's zoomin' who?

ny times: publishers debate quoting bin laden. um, if you can publish 'mein kampf', you can publish bin laden.

ny times: the web is now vulnerable to the weakened economy.

ny times: arab league condemns bin laden *and* israelis.

we need a 'prime directive.'

then again, i'm a bit dry on this. "but doesn't that handicap us? our enemies can use torture!" pah. if we weren't selling 20th century military equipment to cultures who were previously using rocks, slingshots and spears, much of this wouldn't be happening. they don't have the cultural history to support use of such weapons. many would use a weapon of mass destruction in the same manner they use a spear, with little more forethought. but even more importantly, i don't believe we make the world a better place by joining others in barbarism.

i see a couple of posts about america contemplating the use of torture for interrogation. one word. "no." it goes against everything i believe america stands for.

blogging being a 'non-revenue-generating' activity, i'm going to have to go 'thin' for the next couple of days. there's a huge amount of work on my plate, and i just have to get some things accomplished. weblogging forks my attention.