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sun 04 nov 01

ny times: the pharmaceutical lobby packs a punch ... and takes it inside the beltway.

actually, i think i'm just going to turn off the water supply and disconnect it. the water leakage did some damage to the tile floor; i'm going to have to think about stripping and refinishing now. rats. but then i've been thinking about that for a while ...

oops. the 'fountains of bellagio' just appeared in my kitchen. the tube for the icemaker in the refrigerator sprung a leak ... quite voluminous. it's ok. i just need to turn off the water and go get some parts. see you later.

ny times: hijackers' meticulous plans. a really fascinating read.

therefore, i may take off and go do a little hike in the jemez mountains today; if so, few postings here.

a beautiful sunday morning, sunny and shaping up to be quite mild.