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fri 02 nov 01

what's the worst thing you can call a weblogger? irrelevant.

tomorrow is the anniversary of laika's space launch.

just another boring link-based weblog, right?

7 megabyte flash movie commemorating september 11. heartwrenching. some graphic images, so not for unsupervised kiddies.

in reference to the cnet o.s. deathmatch link below, maccentral reports they've changed their minds as to the outcome.

rubber turnip likes the galeon browser.

corrupt music cd's tracking list. also, how to lodge a complaint, by returning the cd ...

the atlantic: book review of 'kingdom of children: culture and controversy in the home schooling movement.'

reuters: u.s. official equates 'intifada' with 'terror'. check the pic ... hate to tell you, dude, but those bullets don't fit that american-design gun ... and, by the way, what *are* you doing with american military hardware ... ?

guardian.uk: first reviews of 'harry potter' are filtering in, slowly. do they really matter?

and yes, i got my cheerios.

i'm having one of those days where i just can't help the pithy commentary. sorry. must be the moon phase.

guardian.uk: bush blocks access to white house papers. this is outrageous.

bbc: nigeria tries to reassure christians as shari'a takes over the court systems. now there's a way to simplify the world! jurisprudence for each sect! but what happens if a muslim steals from a christian, or vice versa? plaintiff's choice?

cnet: amazon launches virtual credit card. hmmm. who do you trust to keep your private information private ... amazon, or microsoft? just thinking ...

webref: remotely working, and keeping clients malleable.

securityfocus: freeware forensics tools for unix.

red hat's new journaling file system: ext3. whitepaper.

ananova: "evil" harry potter film may be boycotted in the u.s. here's a better deathmatch ... harry potter vs. hannibal lecter for the crown of 'evil'. who'll place bets?

cnet o.s. deathmatch: apple's os x vs. windows xp. such violent terminology again. i'm afraid auntie griselda would not approve ...

cnet browser deathmatch: netscape 6.2 vs. internet explorer 6. how dull ... they declare it a tie. i guess that avoids advocacy flame wars ...

freshmeat: kinda cool, if you're into java: dbvisualizer.

the register: the browser wars are back. opera smacks msn.

pixar makes some of their animated shorts available via quicktime on their site. some classics here, if you've been a 3d wonk like i have.

getting down to brass tacks. the proposed microsoft settlement. via rc3.org.

there's always something interesting at gmt+9.

times of india: muslim world hates america, but loves hollywood. so what's hollywood worried about? the muslim world wouldn't dare threaten the precious haircut of leonard dicaprio ...

times of india: 'freak out' behavior in u.s. airports.

times of india: u.s. reacts guardedly to pakistan aiding taliban. gotta get this off my chest. *this whole situation stinks.* there, now i feel better. now i can be more objective ...

times of india: pentagon to change color of food packets. i have to ask a stupid question here ... who's going to tell the starving afghans which color is 'safe'?

there's always the leftover halloween candy ... but that packs a back-end punch when the blood sugar tanks in early afternoon. been there, done that. maybe i'll just run down to the store and get some cheerios ...

drat, drat, double-drat. forgot i ran out of breakfast fixings yesterday. hey! there's a banana. no, i don't think jalapeño olives will go down well this time of the morning ... hmmm, what's in this unmarked tupperware ... ? no wait, that could be dangerous. where's the biohazard gear ...

no more killing.

santa fe new mexican: kids get a chance to state their case in teen court. a good practice; judged by their true peers.

santa fe new mexican: logging planned for fire-ravaged area. cleaning up what's left of the viveash fire.

ny times letters to the editor: we need answers on anthrax. also, gale norton, secretary of the interior, sends a letter about the new mining rules.

ny times op-ed: salman rushdie, "yes, this is about islam." if you read nothing else today, read this.

ny times: settlement called 'big victory' for microsoft. welcome to the matrix.

ny times: arrested pakistani atom expert is a taliban advocate. an engineer who believes you can harness djinni to solve the energy crisis.

ny times: low mortgage rates spur refinancing.

reuters: experts warn of low-grade nuclear attack. by "taking radiotherapy or x-ray materials from hospitals."

international herald tribune: war transforms the anti-globalization crowd.

international herald tribune: priorities shift on gadget buying. now, i have been known to be a severe gadget freak at times. but interestingly, cell phones have never, ever appealed to my gadget whims. i'm always out of range, and can never keep one attached properly to my body. i break them on a regular basis. they ring at the most inopportune moment. many times, i pause at my front door, wondering if i really want to take this six-inch annoyance with me ...

well, the 'credible threat' to bridges explains the military checkpoints on both sides of hoover dam. better safe than sorry!

thanks to blackholebrain and lakefx, i now know who dr. phil is. yee-haw.