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sun 21 oct 01

a virtual trove of stuttering links. now i know what to do when i'm blocked ... crawl on all fours and talk. that'll go over big with clients, i'm sure ...

two things to mention: my 'sour' attitude at the bbedit update is gone. the css has been made quite simple, and the box model looks to be quite clearly explained, via a little tiny graphic. still need to play with the update more. and, this is the third day of using mozilla 0.9.5 almost exclusively to update this weblog. no glitches, except for hitting 'mailto' links that freeze my machine. this is a good sign. i used opera for one day. i dropped previous mozilla incarnations in hours. this version is making me more productive ... and i like that.

not to end the day on a sour note, but this is worth reading: india may target pakistan nuclear capability. check the military scenarios worked out by strategists. yowzer. guess that's one way to depopulate the planet ...

another fine sunset.

another fine sunset.

nextmonet: rainbow.

an idea for rebuilding afghanistan ... make all the men wear burqas. at least for a year.

the independent.uk: right wing groups in america might be the perpetrators behind the anthrax letters. more armchair detectives.

common dreams: ralph nader's letter to the secretary of health. you *can* genericize cipro, if you want to, sir. unless preserving profits is more important than possibly saving lives.

unix review: sun workstation for pc price.

ananova: five columbine families sue the maker of luvox. how they plan to prove this one is beyond me; only one of the kids had it in his bloodstream.

cnet: no anthrax in nevada letter.

freshmeat: perltidy, jclimber's diary.

the register: yet more xml standards.

overclockers online.

santa fe new mexican: life in the war zone, a report from a santa fe native in afghanistan.

times of india: taliban claim to have retaken ghor.

text of the geneva convention, as it applies to prisoners of war.

times of india: taliban hangs five northern alliance soldiers. if americans are captured, does the geneva convention apply?

times of india: '55 brigade', the taliban's elite fighting force.

times of india: osama could be in khost, but taking him on could be tough. if it's so impenetrable, will america end this chapter with a tactical nuke ... i wonder.

times of india: first u.s. ground mission failed.

ny times letters to the editor: after sept. 11, what is truth? read the linked article from oct. 15, read the responses here.

ny times op-ed: mikhail gorbachev, 'a leading role for the u.n. security council.' nice to see someone else agree ... it's past time to vitalize the u.n.

ny times: preparing america for the reality of germ warfare. contrast to maureen dowd, below.

ny times: rousing rock show for a wounded city.

ny times analysis: israel debates the cost of dealing with arafat. posit a theoretical question, what happens if arafat falls or is assassinated? who 'takes over?'

ny times op-ed: maureen dowd, 'is camel pox coming?' nuclear camel pox, that is.

ny times: sifting mountains of debris for slivers of solace.

reuters: russia, u.s. to combat weapons of mass destruction. hmmm. putin may have our dear anti-treaty president in a corner: "russia, a signatory of the international chemical weapons convention, has said nations which do not sign the pact are promoting terrorism."

reuters: two senators lash out at saudi arabia, egypt. one should keep one's perspective; would either of these senators say or do anything that might offend the christian right wing in america? if not, how can you expect saudi or egypt to stand forth?

colder this morn, low grey cirrus.