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fri 19 oct 01

reuters: pavarotti cleared. kept thinking about opera in sing-sing ...

zope 2.4.2 announced.

cnet: wall street eyes amazon results next week.

here's a kicker. macromedia claims it owns adobe patent. they want to shut down photoshop and golive.

macnn: hotline rehires engineering team.

linuxtoday: nautilus 1.05.

pcworld: 'father of the internet' says ip addresses can keep up, but infrastructure needs some work.

fundamentalism. mostly about christian fundamentalism, but interesting to compare and contrast. also, group profile of islam is a good read, if you're seeking to understand more of islam.

nytimes op-ed: the rifle and the veil. when composing a new government for afghanistan, include women.

reuters: u.s. firms take ax to capital spending. use it up, wear it out ... make it do, or do without. that kind of mentality will benefit linux, no doubt.

yes, i am the son of an mcp. i even have the official tie. nice conservative blue with pigs all over it.

ananova: frequent flyer bras. now, wait a second. not being able to wear a 'miracle bra' must violate some kind of civil liberty, right? joking, just joking ...

flash: via philly inquirer, a suitcase full of c4 plastic explosives found at philadelphia greyhound terminal. hasn't made the national airwaves yet.

reuters: september consumer prices up.

for comparison, the status of women in the new testament, courtesy religioustolerance.org. interesting that 1 corinthians 11:7-9 requests that christian women wear hair coverings. though, now that i look through a king james version, i think it may be a question of context. later:a reader also points me to 'status of women in the old testament', same source. the site the modern religion ameliorates the qur'an's 'beating' statement below to [tap]. huh? interpretation of religious texts is a dicey item, methinks. best i keep my heretical curiousity private.

the hijab. confinement of women, with a specific quote about adultery and it's punishment.

"i don't think islam oppresses women; people do." apparently you need four eyewitnesses to convict an adulteress, so the nigerian stoning (linked below) is probably based on interpretive shari'a jurisprudence. although, if you read this muslim woman's comments, i refer you to the qur'an, chapter four, verse 34: "men are the maintainers of women because allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely allah is high, great." interpret it how you may, the koran gives permission for men to beat their wives.

rising daughters aware. aware of female circumcision, that is.

pagesix: why mccartney, ono and jackson don't get along.

yahoonews/reuters: anthrax jitters hit world's mailrooms.

bbc: the oecd predicts a slowdown of all major economies for this and next year.

bbc sci/tech: mars odyssey spacecraft readies for mars orbit. i'm wide-eyed at the following statistic quoted here: "... of the 30 missions sent to mars by three countries over 40 years, less than one-third have been successful." wanna go?

bbc sci/tech: birds fly in 'v' formation to conserve energy.

bbc sci/tech: geologist familiar with afghanistan may pinpoint bin laden hideout (based on videotapes).

cnet: paypal's ipo. hooey, what a time to try an ipo.

maccentral: rackmount your g4. nice, but huge. 4u? sheesh.

webref: review of 'xml, html, xhtml magic'.

vaults of folegandros: cmtemplate, page.

sans: mac os x security.

yahoonews: another skin anthrax case, at the new york post.

wired: blacklisted groups hang on the web, hosted in america.

dpreview: professional photographer ron galbraith's gear report, while covering this year's eco-challenge. tibook, nikon d1x.

macnn: 1.6 ghz powerpc G5 trounces 2ghz pentium.

freshmeat: class.tree.php, class.overlib.php, phpwebsite.

newsforge: sssca gets a hearing, october 25. get in touch with your congresspeople, now.

physics today: yielding more accurate dates. talks about the radiocarbon dating 'gap.' physics and archaeology meet.

the register: 5 gig pcmcia card.

the register: u.s. broadband goes mass-market next year. harrumph. less hype, more results please.

the register: if you've got dsl, read this. hackers can get your account and password from your router.

cnet: new compuserve may ship without ie. oh, hecko.

hal, give audrey our best. just fyi, my mother was so premature she was sub four pounds. she has had no birth-related health complications in her life, and the medical establishment is a lot more skilled now than what you could get in a farmhouse in sevierville, tennessee in the 30's.

philadelphia citypaper: reading edward abbey may get you thrown off an airplane. oh, my god. shouldn't they be more worried about people reading tom clancy? via randomwalks.

santa fe new mexican: suspicious mail yields soap samples. "we try to look at who the mailer is and who the package is addressed to," schierberl said. in this case, "all it took was a simple phone call. we contacted the mailer - it was powdered soap." no panic.

times of india: russian war veterans warn of bloodbath if american ground troops invade. a scenario here i hadn't heard before; if the northern alliance hears of 'too many' civilian deaths, they might switch sides.

times of india: e.u. to legitimize overthrow of the taliban.

ny times: experts say anthrax spores won't spread through a well-kept ventilation system. note i said 'well-kept.'

ny times: about those smallpox vaccines. great article.

ny times: don't take cipro unless you're actually exposed.

ny times: i spoke too soon last night ... congress will allow ban on internet taxes to lapse.

ny times: anti-western and extremist views pervade saudi schools.

ny times: influential american muslims temper their tone.

reuters: sung to harry belafonte ... "hey mr. taliban, taliban banana, air force come and it flatten my home ..."

reuters: woman to face stoning to death for adultery. this clearly shows what we don't understand about shari'a ... how can the woman be guilty alone? when contrasted with the other case in this article, it sounds like there is significant prejudice against women. is this a fundamentalist sect, or mainstream islam? guess i'd best look.

reuters: no missile, nato deals at bush-putin meeting. linked for background info, that's all.

reuters: u.s. special forces on the ground in afghanistan.

cnn: widow of plane crash victim takes same flight. "i want to show people it's safe to get back on an airplane."

workin' on it ...