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thu 18 oct 01

reuters: anthrax is primarily a psychological weapon.

reuters: 'the fellowship of the ring' will debut in london december 10. watch out who you sit next to ... it might be a sackville-baggins ...

sew your own balloon.

and, esp. after the albuquerque balloon festival, a cherished book from my collection: william pene du bois's the twenty-one balloons. appeals to all ages, not just children. i still read it with anticipation, fascination ... and great enjoyment.

also, nice to see my old schuco racer could be worth 150 bucks.

since the wizzer link last night got so much traffic, how 'bout this? ever have a motorific or a mini-motorific?

linux journal: introduction to openssl programming, part two.

linux journal: building the ultimate linux box. is it me, or do i keep running into these kinds of articles about every three days?

cnn: house votes to continue net tax moratorium for two more years.

an interview with harvey butchart, the man who trekked the grand canyon way before colin fletcher.

environmental news service: interior bill carries anti-environmental riders. *bump* "hey, joe, that felt like a whale." "it was, enos." "aw, damn ... now i'll have them enviro-meddlers givin' me lip ..."

just ordered the downloadable upgrade to bbedit 6.5. interesting that the email i received as confirmation says "it'll take one business day to process." i guess it's human-assisted e-commerce ...

the new yorker: the short, happy life of the american highbrow. kitsch rules.

the independent.uk: tracking the sinking of venice, via old paintings.

london evening standard: finding your marbles. dig in london (or anywhere in europe, for that matter), and you'll find a treasure.

ny times: rats. lingua franca is no more. arts and letters daily is still safe (for the moment?).

reuters: militias return to the spotlight.

"what do osama bin laden and fred flintstone have in common?"
"they both can look out their cave windows and see rubble."

newsforge: "serious" bugs in the linux kernel.

maccentral: yellow dog linux 2.1.

politicalwire: house and senate leaders split over closing capitol. you could always hold a session at the local hotel ballroom, i guess. i'd prefer that the house stay in session, if possible. besides, that would keep the targets in washington, and not spread around the country ... (oops) ...

osopinion: not your grandma's desktop.

earthweb: drag-and-drop javascript.

nasa earth observatory: ice ages may coincide with earth's orbital oscillations. excuse me if i'm surprised this theory hasn't been tested before. i remember thinking about this in a report in fifth grade ...

bbc: taliban return 'stolen' aid. but noone says why. does this indicate the taliban are sensitive to world opinion?

linux.com: serving java from linux.

wired: pushing pills to the anxious. paxil? thought that was an ssrti ...

freshmeat: kavlon image gallery.

cms watch likes midgard.

rave dave. congrats, dude. maverick, outlaw? need some chaps? (grin).

audrey! remember your BREATHING!

gotta run out again ... more links in an hour or so.

the register: powerpc g5 performance 'stunning' ... but expensive.

linux weekly news: open ssh fixes.

perl.com: building a large-scale e-commerce site with mod_perl and apache.

times of india: saudi arabia vows to be rid of bin laden backers.

times of india: top bin laden aide killed in u.s. strikes around jalalabad.

times of india: u.s. posts $1 million dollar reward for information on the anthrax perps.

ny times: i missed this on the 15th ... campuses split over afghanistan.

ny times op-ed: who made the anthrax? iraq?

ny times: meats pass to humans antibiotic-resistant bacteria. buy free-range or organic. can't hurt.

ny times: three mile island nuclear facility placed under high alert.

international herald tribune: the noble wine cork, under siege. real cork, thank you very much.

international herald tribune: it's about time we knew how many are in custody.

international herald tribune: islam's books go unread in the west.

reuters: modern warfare means email for sailors.

reuters: russia offers calm antidote to u.s. anthrax alarm.

reuters: toyota, sony develop a tail-wagging car. oh, jeez ...

long slanting light this morning. looks to be about 48 degrees.