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wed 17 oct 01

german quotation of the day, from about.com: "ein glückliches paar: er tut, was sie will --- und sie tut, was sie will." yes, dear.

hmmm ... speaking of 'whizzers', remember the wizzer? sounds like they might be back at toys-r-us. i loved mine ...

rain barrel theory: some friends of mine back east are getting overwhelmed with panic anxiety; i sent them an email with a paraphrase of some advice i read years ago, here for your perusal, also. imagine you are a rain barrel; you can only hold so much fear and worry before it starts to spill over and you require meds to cope with the excess. stop stoking the fires of anxiety. one must balance the worry and anxiety by emptying some of it out. how? exercise. good nutrition [esp. avoid caffeine and refined sugar]. proper rest. playtime. laughter. limiting working hours. meditation. going to a movie. avoiding serial news-watching (including this weblog); unplug that television set. the goal is not to simply keep the barrel just below overflow ... but to create some reserve space. balance is the key. stuffing our minds full of worry and fear destroys our basic carefree nature. it's not easy ... but you can do it, i know you can. and now i sound like a new-age whizzer ...

reuters: .biz launch delayed till november 7.

listening to 'the court of the crimson king' again. funny how, in this age of cd's, i can still remember where the scratches used to pop on my record ...


finally got the wax out of my ears, the planks out of my eyes, the sludge out of my brain ... and got the cmf working. now to play around a little bit. a new dangerousmeta!? who knows ...

zope: mysql user folder update. also, must have missed this: zoql method.

missed lots of good stuff at xmlhack today.

peter jennings on abc world news tonight broached the subject: "is there too much anthrax coverage?", but missed what everyone was saying, imho. don't confuse people with 'exposure' vs. 'infection'. be *clear,* and less sensational.

the economist: the uses of adversity, or how to survive the downturn. an important read. "terrorism and the war against it are now being blamed for problems that were much deeper-rooted."

guardian.uk: india pledges to 'cool off' on kashmir.

here's a grass-roots charity concept: taketothehills.org. a friend sent me the link.

wow. nocommercialpotential.net. thnkx, madorangefools.

ananova: grunting at your computer is more accurate than speech? i won't go there. well, maybe i will. imagine a room of students controlling their computers by grunts ... (grin) ...

ananova: army parachute recruiters cause invasion panic in texas.

just got off the phone with a friend in new jersey, just by happenstance. she says some folks are walking around wearing dust masks. with the fact that the letters were postmarked in trenton, i guess i can't blame them.

hinging off one of my first posts below, central jersey is a biotech corridor. any disgruntled researchers? students? it's worth a look.



a question: what would be the 'best' video card to send video (from a mac G3) to a 42" sony lcd monitor? i'm going to have to send it over at least a 20' cable, possibly up to 30'. any wireless solutions? it's a complication that wasn't specced in the original networking gig yesterday. if you have any brainstorms, leave a note in my discussion area, or email.

the spectator: looking at ferdnand braudel's latest. i highly recommend his works; 'the structures of everyday life' reads like an almanac, but gives such background to history ... if you're as curious as i am, you'll keep picking it up, absorbing a couple of pages, and recasting your understanding of the past. the three volume set are some of my most well-thumbed volumes. consider this a dangerousmeta! five-biohazard logo rating ... (grin).

reuters: might as well get used to it. bush feels the 'war on terrorism' will last longer than two years, in multiple theatres. welcome back to the '60's.

i knew it ... via reuters, feds nudging bayer on cipro patent. protecting a patent shouldn't cost lives, of course. will this open the patent pandora's box? maybe.

bbc: mr. bean and freedom of satire.

global free press: nobel laureate encourages global justice movement.

international herald tribune: 'the devil is not as frightening as his picture.' the russian take on anthrax.

international herald tribune: anthrax scare spreads across europe.

osopinion: desktop schmesktop.

zope.org: zope-xml lives, and windows zope controller.

the guardian: taliban seize two u.n. food warehouses.

bbc sci/tech: u.s. government buys all rights to afghan satellite images taken by private company.

bbc sci/tech: scientists counter hawking's doom and gloom.

cnet: survey, i.t. rebound more distant.

duke of url: 13th linux buyer's guide.

o'reilly security alerts: domino, zope and cisco. the hotfix for zope is linked here.

wired: msnbc goes arabic.

macnn: bbedit 6.5. another $40. *sigh*. a bit soon, imho, to whack us in the wallet again ... but that's what i get for being an 'early adopter.' can't wait to see how they've *finally* implemented css. maybe i can dump the wonky hexmac plugin ...

the register: zeus rips platform to splatter apache. new release delivers php '45%' faster than apache.

linuxlookup: review of great bridge postgresql.

the register: windows xp, terrorist tool?

slashdot: ibm patents web page templates.

times of india: who are the 'moderate' taliban?

times of india: israel severs all ties with palestinians.

reuters science: ozone hole over antarctica peaks at same size as previous years. good news?

reuters health: for sinus, older cheaper antibiotics may be just as good.

reuters: if you're worried about anthrax spores in your mail, iron it. i love a matter-of-fact scientist.

reuters: alan greenspan theorizes american markets have 'built in some expectation of further attacks.' cow crackers. we need to buy alan greenspan a banjo, too.

ny times letters to the editor: 'militaristic s.u.v.'s'. seeing as how the taliban have many arabs contained within their organization, it is interesting to contemplate that: some arabs sell us oil, america makes gas, america uses gas to bomb other arabs. overly simplistic, i know, but interconnections fascinate me ...

ny times science: authenticating the body of 'st. luke'.

ny times: a rush for cipro, and the global ripples. generics are attractive; thinking about a twist, in present circumstances is bayer's patent on cipro a death sentence if they can't produce enough to protect the world?

ny times: court says individuals have right to firearms.

ny times: doctors asked to treat the worried/well.

ny times: cnn submits questions, upon 'invitation' by bin laden. i don't quite know what the point of this is ... then again, maybe they hope he'll reveal something about his whereabouts.

ny times: first use of anthrax as a weapon? oh, great. let's show them how to do it. wanna ride a subway now?

thinking about the daschle anthrax letter (the return address), i can't remember a 'greendale' school in franklin township. i do, however, recall a 'greenbrook' school in kendall park, new jersey. and i also recall an asian/american population in kendall park. and the 08852 zip code is for monmouth junction, not franklin park. somebody at least minimally familiar with central jersey geography did this, otherwise why pick a 'similar' name, and a near-zip? armchair detective.

sunny, a bit warmer today.