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fri 12 oct 01

got-got-got-gotta go to bed.

freshmeat: apache::asp.

apacheweek: apache 1.3.22.

mozilla 0.9.5 released, mozillaquest dubs this release 'buggy.' download links on bottom of page.

s'only nine-twenty, and the coyotes are howling already. wonder what that means?

grant's done a nice redesign to newted.

retail sales fell 2.4% last month. a lot of scaremongering going on over the numbers, but i'm not especially surprised. let's wait and see what this month indicates. most of us spent at least two or three days glued to the boob tube, watching wtc news reports. i thought sales would be much further off ...

'love thy enemy' vs. going to war. one christian radio show's interpretation of romans 13.

linux journal: building your dream machine.

freshmeat: zinc, a tk widget.

bbc: afghan fighters shifting loyalties.

ny times op-ed: mr. bush's new gravitas. gravitas? did they watch the same press conference i did?

reuters: a flu-based hiv vaccine? 'twould be a wonder.

reuters: robert redford, flag-waving patriot. silly opening paragraph. what makes an environmentalist 'non-patriotic'?

reuters: daschle wants vote on energy bill. interesting how the 'spin' language changes. now the anwr contains enough oil to 'replace the amount of oil the united states imports from iraq for the next 70 years." hmmm?

it's snowing again.

arabicnews: five yemenis killed in 'racist' incidents in u.s. i heard about one in detroit ... but *five* yemenis? have i missed something? likewise, i didn't realize saddam hussein was threatening to 'shell israel for six months' back in january ...

nytimes: from july of this year, a terrorist details his training in afghanistan. some items of note ... bin laden has "algerians, jordanians, germans" in his camps. not all al-qaeda may be dark-skinned, as many americans are assuming. in other words, keep your eyes out for *anyone* suspicious. note also that america warned the taliban previously that they would be held accountable for any afghan-trained attacks on the united states. so our current air campaign would fall under the auspice of 'fair warning,' i believe.

reuters: bombing halted for muslim holy day. token gesture; probably won't cut much soap with the masses.

bbc: confirmed case of anthrax in new york, at nbc. new york times also reports.

bbc: .info = .bogus?

globe and mail: u.s. media drop florida recount analysis. real journalism is dead, or didn't you know?

cnet: emachines offers windows xp on the cheap. 400 and change.

xmlhack: updated common lisp xml tools, xslt ide and debugger, ruby xml parser.

sysadmin: unix file recovery.

ibm developerworks: what good is a linux client?

dpreview: polaroid files for bankruptcy protection. say goodnight, gracie.

cnet: handspring unveils two new pda's. looks like a cross between the blackberry (is that the name of the thing?) and a motorola cell phone.

linuxjournal 2001 readers choice awards.

unix review: quanta plus instead of vim?

eweek: w3c reconsiders patent policy.

freshmeat: news backend interfaces for perl, electronic web logbook.

the register: the world ends tomorrow, officially.

the register: ibm preps low-power chips for pda's.

the register: network associates puts pgp up for sale.

ecriteria open database project.

weekly standard: edward said, and post-colonialism. interesting read after that andrew sullivan piece a few days ago.

the art newspaper: christo returns to berlin. everyone's fave wrap artist.

irish times: bin laden offers a reward for capture of u.s. soldiers. and here we thought capitalism was the mark of 'the great satan' ... oops.

times of india: protestors attack pak consulate in iran. maybe we need to stage protests and burn bin laden and taliban effigies on television.

ny times: senate votes to federalize airport security. i guess the house will be the place where the 'deregulation' folks will start yelling ... didn't they tell us the private sector is smart, and the government is dumb?

international herald tribune: this is getting back to 'normal.'

international herald tribune: fear of flying, business travel in a new age.

international herald tribune: germany sheds its backseat military role.

reuters: scrubbing the web. the federation of american scientists now removing materials.

reuters: vignette sees core loss, job cuts. seems the market may be soft for high-end content management.

reuters: afghanistan bombing could cause aids explosion. i was theorizing about this with a friend a little while ago. if muslim fundamentalism won't enter the 21st century, aids will force the issue.

reuters: mount adams yields up climbers lost in 1980.

the first of the 'winter winds' hit last night. tumbleweeds all over the courtyard.