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wed 10 oct 01

friends over tonight, and good company. i'll see you all tomorrow, i think. best i don't post after imbibing and pontificating ...

once again, now that i've checked the previous day's posts, the u.n. projected to help 2.5 million afghans over the next year. not all the population, not all at once. even *they* had to target hardest-hit areas first.

global free press: "killer food drops." disingenuous, and misleading. see my un world food program links from yesterday. and to correlate food drops with killing children via landmines sans proof ... good grief. what an assumption. i'm just as accurate in my assumption that most afghans know where the land-mine areas are; they've lived with them for years. i live near an abandoned well; every kid in the area knows to stay away. drop food [or an expensive skateboard] down there, not one would go after it. armchair theorists be damned. journalism starts with checking numbers, checking facts ... and sticking to them. fiction is for the bookstore.

yahoonews/reuters: nancy pelosi, new house whip. highest ranking woman in congress, ever.

the register: would you rather meet bill gates, or a topless model?

os news: interview with linus torvalds.

cnet: fry's scraps purchase of egghead.

business is pounding me, punishing me for my heavy linkage of the past few days. i'll sneak in what i can.

securityalerts: sendmail, speechd, openserver vi.

ibm developerworks: advanced filesystem implementor's guide, part 5.

the case against open sources.

santa fe new mexican: valle caldera (jemez mountains, former baca ranch) national reserve will get 2.8 million from congress today. but when will they open it? i can't wait!

ny times op-ed: censor neither voa nor al-jazeera.

ny times: e.u. reported to say microsoft obstructed probes. forged letters!

ny times: signs of fear, but not more anthrax, in florida. cnn mentions a possibility that this anthrax strain was manufactured in iowa. los alamos has the most comprehensive laboratory in the world for biological weapons, including anthrax; one hopes they will get in contact soon.

ny times: pakistan, in a border clash, turns back taliban forces. in some ways, pakistan is in the worst corner of all. keep an eye on pak.

international herald tribune: the real clash is fundamentalists vs. modernity.

reuters: call for jihad resounds faintly in muslim world.

busy today. therefore, limited linkage.