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sun 07 oct 01

good night. i'm beat.

msnbc: online journalism awards. slashdot got a mention, so did philly inquirer (that you, karl?). no blogs that i can see.

freshmeat: zssh, supasite [php/mysql content management, techno-weenie.].

computerworld: microsoft reports security holes in powerpoint, excel.

it's good to do some brief exercise after heavy physical labor. gets the knots out of those few muscle groups you've used, and eliminates that morning stiffness. aerobics highly recommended. did some nordictrack for about 45 minutes.

network solutions is being diligent as usual. i renewed 'dangerousmeta' for another year over a week ago, and whois still hasn't updated. is this the herald of 'verisign efficiency'?

removed 35 cactus today, and it doesn't even look like i dented the total. ah, well. i'll get there, eventually.

one international analyst on abc mentioned that the afghans believe *they* are the ones who caused the soviet communist regime to collapse. this is why the wtc was targeted, to begin a 'similar process' in america. they actually think they can destroy us. they hoped for a precipitous response to the wtc attacks, that would immediately galvanize arabic/islamic furor against america and israel. in being deliberate, in combining surgical military strikes with food drops, we are foiling their best laid plans.

i should also mention, the statement was obviously pre-taped in anticipation of the attack. commentators are commenting on the fact that bin laden seemed to admit to all the terrorist actions attributed to him.

statement via al-jazeera on television, osama bin laden declares jihad against u.s., promises "no peace until all israelis are out of the palestinian territories." calls on all muslims to gird themselves for war, that this is a war against islam.

reports that the airport in kabul is destroyed.

tony blair mentioned british missile subs are participating in the attack on kabul.

local tv news is saying awacs aircraft are in the air over america, and the u.s. 'homeland' is on highest state of alert. i will wager that the albuquerque balloon festival is on indefinite hold. who'd be in a balloon right now?

the offensive in afghanistan has begun.

i've got more important things to do today ... like continuing the cactus trimming. reading all this has made me want an opus 'meadow break' [bloom county]. see you all later.

there are a lot of tortured editorials and articles decrying every opinion under the sun. the minute examination of our collective navel has begun. "there's lint!" "no, there isn't!" "yes there is, but it's beneficial lint!" good grief. i don't mind if the writers generalize over a large group, but when they generalize about individuals, that's when i tune out.

sunday times.uk: the proof they didn't reveal.

guardian.uk: hitler, gay?

freshmeat: jruby [ruby in java], virtual network computing.

bsdtoday: wind river and freebsd parting company.

times of india: pakistani clerics may not have tried to convince afghans to turn over bin laden.

times of india: mulla omar mentally unstable. he sits behind the wheel of a parked car and goes 'vroom, vroom.'

ny times op-ed: fears of anthrax and smallpox.

ny times washington: 'loose lips sink ships.' what what you say in the beltway.

ny times: not just airlines, but a bailout for insurance companies? 'temporarily limiting future losses?' keep an eye on this legislation, boys and girls.

ny times: one of osama's many brothers, comments on his behavior.

the new sleeping bag was stellar. but with all the balloon festival traffic, i realize i've simply *got* to build a berm between the house and the prevailing winds ...

nice to wake up in a tent, even if it's only in your own backyard:

nice morning.

columbus day weekend? three day weekend? who knew?