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sat 06 oct 01

here's a list of foreign military sales, 1999. they're all pdf's, but check out some hot spots. our military sales are *big* business. lord knows how many of these countries are reselling our supplies ...

a bunch of us linked to a couple of articles back a few weeks ago, that pointed out the u.s. is the largest seller of arms and military equipment in the world. absolutely, we have to confront the fact that in many of these recent armed conflicts, we're facing our own technology. the irony of an american teenager going to fight in afghanistan, getting killed by a rifle or shell his daddy made with pride in america ... it's all too tragically possible.

if the u.s. hates terrorists, why do we keep arming them? via interestingmonstah.

booknotes is back in da house.

www.smartwool.com. my fave hiking socks. now they've got a smartwool t-shirt!

homesteading in kansas, 1869.

buy a teepee.

the times.uk: what to do with recovered hijackers' bodies? teaching skeletons comes to mind ...

ny times: the rush to attach more cables to the kursk, to raise it before winter storms set in.

i'm trying to figure out if frostline is still in business. they used to make kits ... jackets, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. etc. can't seem to find them on the web - i get a 'windowscasino' site. i have a red frostline 60/40 jacket ... sewn when i was 16. still in perfect shape (except for normal use).

list of backpacking gear websites.

make your own backpacking gear. it's no sin to be an old sew-and-sew ...

me-fi'ers found a source that talks about u.s/russia 'deal' on tactical nukes in afghanistan. once you let the cat out of the bag ...

onlamp: writing input and output filters for apache.

bbc: pacific islanders flee rising seas, changing climate patterns. the beginning of global warming effects?

dungeons of parnassus: hypersql.

zdnet: sharp's new linux handheld. 64 mb memory, 206mhz processor.

freshmeat: scribus ['it tries to be as professional as possible'], xpath methods [zope].

embedded linux 'cool devices' reference. how 'bout a 53" robot who can climb stairs and carry objects? lots of neat stuff.

now *that's* the america we know and love.

albuquerque tribune: officers use police helicopter to purchase donuts.

my goodness. such good news in the united states these days.

irish times: u.s. unemployment increases. treasury secretary o'neill predicts recession in the next two quarters.

times of india: india isolated? a warning. india's nose is getting out of joint about our self-interested support of pakistan. we can't play both sides of the field long, methinks.

every bit of the ny times op-ed page is worth a read, so rather than individually link, i'll just send you there.

ny times: mike mansfield dead at 98. if you grew up anywhere near the '60's, you'll remember the name.

i also note more dire warnings of imminent terrorist attacks. back to normal? hardly.

international herald tribune: china cracking down on uighurs. i linked this because i'm curious about what china's doing at present.

reuters: winter flu shots may be hard to get, again.

reuters: a species of 'nimrodus americanus' shot a hole in the alaska pipeline, causing a spill.

reuters: latest news about afghanistan. the taliban certainly don't like the concept of a food airdrop. they'll release the imprisoned christian aid workers if we don't drop food [and/or propaganda]. looks like a 'peaceful' approach got more reaction than all the military bluster?

ny times: an analysis of the sharon comment, and the differences in the goals of america, vs. the goals of israel.

irish times: even colin powell rung up mr. sharon.

reuters: sharon retreats after criticizing u.s.

almost, i say, almost freezing this morning. sunny as usual. the sandias to the south have been in a thin haze for the last couple of days.