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sun 30 sep 01

"and after summer evermore succeeds
barren winter, with his wrathful nipping cold:
so cares and joys abound, as seasons fleet.
- shakespeare, henry vi.

it melted pretty fast, but nevertheless. bodes well for a wet winter. but combined with the brisk wind we had last night, the aspens are getting bare up top above the 10k level. a really short autumn this year, methinks.

should've done chores *yesterday*, and played today. big storm over the sangres, and upon arriving at the ski basin, was welcomed with ... you got it ... snow:

snow. september 30.  santa fe ski basin.  good grief.

it's been long enough since the bombing now; i'm sure we'll see more 'gloves coming off' soon.

global free press: if this is patriotism, keep it. a dose of vitriol, but some good points within.

machine of the month: dvd players for linux.

ibm developerworks: reading and writing excel with perl.

midgard, php content management, has been updated.

bbc: .biz and .info are live.

reuters: cool. dinosaur embryo skin discovered.

reuters: u.s. backs 'ex-king' of afghanistan. when i hear the name 'shah', i get concerned ... can't help it.

ny times: islam and the opposition to terrorism. um, yes. but i would wager that suicide bombings will continue even without 'religious sanction.' clerical condemnation will not be a cure-all. it's that 'revealed religion' problem again; everyone interprets passages differently.

ny times: once-thriving cities are now hurting. is our economy, and capitalist/western lifestyle, more fragile than we realize?

ny times: islamic scholars call wtc attack a 'distortion of islam.'

so, on the sleeping bag front, i've found a 2000 north face superlight for 147.00, or a 2001 model for 207. my question now is, the only diff is really the diamond baffling. for 60 bucks, does it matter? my main concern is that the 2000 model may have sat languishing in a stuff sack for a year or so. i'm leaning towards the newer model.

so yesterday was the day of chores, today is the day of play. though, having chopped all that brush, i woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of chewing. apparently the mice aren't happy that i've nailed their summer homes. *sigh* time to go out and get more traps and peanut butter. they like organic smooth. won't go near jif. picky little buggers.

yow. beautiful again today. can't believe tomorrow is october first.