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sat 29 sep 01

heaven is taking a really hot, really long shower after a day of honest, physical work ...

learned a valuable lesson today. remember the cartoon, where a character takes an axe and tries to cut down a petrified tree? i took a shovel, and thought getting a good swing would take down an 8' chain cholla cactus. ker-WOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG. it's like wood, naturally. keeps the darn things standing in high winds ... of course it would be tough. i don't know what i was thinking (or, rather, i know i wasn't thinking).

whackin' them weeds!

this afternoon, cactus whackin'. got all the brush cleared from around the old homestead. boy, are the grasshoppers p-o'd. there's a line of 'em on the adobe wall, watching me with evil intent. gotta remove a couple of trees. next, warm up the motorcycle. then exercise. then booze. really.

hey, guess who dropped a note in my email? i just went to downtown subscription and met methylsalicylate. i would have taken a photo, but brooke's around till thursday, and i didn't want her to waste time talking to me when there was foliage to see. she has a friend in town with a jeep, too. best way to see the leaves ... in a ragtop. have a blast, elda!

a little flash, for those of you who worry about minimum-wage security people at airports. here's what your pilots are paid. those first-year salaries are averages ... i know some american eagle pilots are being paid spit (less than 15k). airlines are corporations just like any other corporations. their altruism begins and ends at the bottom line.

alwin talks of war. herbert hoover: "older men declare war. but it is youth that must fight and die. and it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow, and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war."

global free press: the end of the beginning.

four new releases at zope.org. check the right column. it's the weekend ... too damned lazy to do individual links ...

maximumlinux: mac-on-linux.

new york times op-ed: an important read. illusions and the normal life. "... apocalyptic thinking like that is grandiose and wrong."

international herald tribune: here's an interesting one ... start with the taliban, proceed to baghdad. one assumes you do not pass 'go' or collect $200.00 ...

cnn: the terrorists were quite widespread, globally. note one suspect is sitting in jail in cedar rapids, iowa. maybe he was fronting for 'al-zucchini' ... freedom for all squash.

and, last personal note, driving to drop off some stuff at a client's place of business, i unwisely drove with my windows down. why unwisely? because now my throat feels like there's a cannonball stuck in it ... allergies. probably the chamisa, or the purple asters, or the dozens of other items that are doing their last bloom before frost. never had an allergy before i moved to high altitude; it rots. just plain rots.

according to long-time locals, the mountains are more colorful than they've ever been. i may break down and get some 'real' film to record to majesty.

last night i got that big project, and headache deadline, completed. if i keep it really quiet, i might have a complete, unobstructed weekend. now that's a change.

interesting dream last night. i had dinner in germany with andrea and andre in an outdoor cafe. very pleasant. seems i could speak fluent german. but i seem to have been wearing lederhosen and a large green cowboy hat. ah, well. that's what dreams are for, i guess. nope; we weren't eating freshly-caught squash ...