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wed 26 sep 01

reuters: jesse jackson's been invited by the taliban for a confab.

cnet: exodus files chapter 11.

montreal linux users group: linux, printing and prepress opportunities. powered by zope, i'll point out.


here's a great quote i ran across in a contentious message board: "the problem is, there are too many people who have to have concrete *proof* before they'll believe something." hmmm. see carl sagan's baloney detection kit first. then carefully decide where you place your faith.

my brother sent me a quote that our father dearly loved: "it doesn't matter who is wrong or right, but who is left." the verbal pun, that is.

reuters: it'll take a year to dig out the wtc. those poor families who lost loved ones ... but there's nothing that can be done to make it faster.

you don't have to go far to purchase a military jet ... hours of fun! strafe your neighbors! we've been able to buy 'practice bombs' for years from war surplus dealers. big ones. who knows what you could stuff into one of those ... though they're generally used as ashtrays (you take a torch and cut off the nose, invert it, and weld). surplus drop tanks get transformed into motorized tri-cycles. surplus hand grenades get cored and turned into cigarette lighters. re-usable? hmmm.

they're coming to take me away, ha-ha! they're coming to take me away, ho-ho! there's no view like bellevue ...

times of india: as opposed to what reuters said below, iran says they're "not with" the u.s. on this terrorist issue. you have to dig for authoritative information.

global free press: "education is about everything you can't be tested on."

global free press: terror opportunists.

sorry folks ... i'm so freakin' busy today, i don't even have time to turn around.

linuxworld: two stupid php tricks.

onlamp: running windows apps on freebsd.

geeknews: gateway dropping amd. one has to wonder what's going on. does someone have something against faster processors?

osopinion: unix raises the bar.

the register: mac loyalists get free os x 10.1 upgrade. well, is it ready for prime-time yet, speedwise?

zdnet: separating fact from fiction about linux. quote: "why would anyone abandon ms office for staroffice?"

slashdot: low use of steganography on the web. i picture a stegasaurus in a thong.

ny times op-ed: designer gas masks? my title, not theirs.

international herald tribune: in europe, some scold "world's policeman."

reuters: pharmacists in new york are running out of cipro, an antibiotic with effects against anthrax. it won't cure, however. raises the spectre of further drug-resistant bugs, i would imagine, if the general populace start taking antibiotics as a daily tonic.

reuters: iran says strikes are justified, if there is proof.

good morn. a project i thought i had put to bed yesterday, has reared its head again. there goes today's production schedule.