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mon 24 sep 01

i need a new sleeping bag. my old rei model has died a glorious death, at the mouths of mice. looking at the north face superlight, and the marmot never summer. i need 0 degree capability. anyone got any druthers?

speaking of president bush, i really want to know where he gets his suits. whoever fits him out does a damn fine job. beautiful materials, well tailored. watch, next press conference.

reuters: u.s. initiates new u.n. measures against terrorism. the bush administration may be a little slow, but they get there eventually. not that the rest of us haven't been thinking this for a long time already ...

maccentral: contentware 3. more content management.

macnn: adobe illustrator 10.

freshmeat: dbxml core, php rdf parser.

the register: ms shows some bad taste.

watched some of 'evolution' on pbs. felt like a cross between 'nature' and 'masterpiece theatre', but it worked. i've now become fascinated with darwin the man. the use of hiv as one modern day proof of evolution is inspired.

every now and then, i see a flicker out of the corner of my eye as i'm programming. then i realize it's the baby lizard ... he/she keeps crawling in under my screen door, and hanging out in the shade on the softness of my office carpet. once i get done with a line of programming, i chase it out again. half an hour passes, the lizard's back. we've been doing this all day. maybe it's time to weatherstrip that screen door ... then again, sometimes i like the company.

telegraph.co.uk: china rushing to seal off border with afghanistan/pakistan. thanks, curtis, for the heads-up.

times of india: taliban take over u.n. offices in afghanistan, shut down communications and all relief efforts.

times of india: osama bin laden may lead afghan forces against u.s. and here i thought they didn't know where he was?

very sad news over at phillyfuture. a very small, special star has gone out, one that gave light to a close family. condolences and donations can be sent, and karl is looking for someone philly-based to take over phillyfuture.

you can keep abreast of issues in the aviation world via the aopa. they have a temporary, high-bandwidth site setup.

international herald tribune: new moral landscape, seeking a sense of purpose. how cute. did we stop going to chinese restaurants during the spy plane incident? as for acts of kindness, yes, there are more. but the paranoia factor is quite high. i've been hearing about an increase in land disputes, erecting fences, installing locking driveway gates, etc. ... everyone's out to defend whatever they deem important in their own little 'sphere of influence.' beware 'the other' seems to be a byword among many. education and accurate information, are the only remedies that i perceive.

international herald tribune: we have al-qaeda cells in america, but no proof sufficient to prosecute. i had thought a 'conspiracy' charge was a wide enough net to capture this kind of situation.

reuters: senator thompson of tennessee to run again. anyone remember term limits? i've been against them, but didn't most republicans sign on to the notion? or was it mere lip service?

reuters: cell phones (esp. analog) are a risk. 26% higher chance of brain cancer?

reuters: agricultural biodiversity shrinking. i guess the 'factory farm' mentality is giving us less breeds, by a process of natural selection.

reuters: wall street rallies. bouncing back?

"an alliance of world weary webloggers standing honourably and intelligently together."

since there's not much going on, here's another picture of fall foliage:

more aspens at the santa fe ski basin.

the independent.uk: pavarotti can sing, but doesn't know how to write a check? i don't buy that. credit cards haven't been around *that* long.

new statesman: what makes mona so fascinating?

there just isn't much catching my eye today. maybe it's the news, maybe it's me.

roll call: gephart's "bipartisanship" causing some consternation.

sitepoint: domain migration to a unix server.

webreference: php interface for heirmenus. uses mysql and javascript, too.

linuxjournal: win4lin 3.0.

ny times: william safire wants saddam hussein. um, let's avoid the 'cult of personality' trap, and snag all the operatives this time.

ny times: bush freezes bin laden assets. other countries need to join in this financial effort.

cool/cold out. nice, though. it's fall all right ...