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sat 22 sep 01

a good quote: "there are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself - an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly.
- antisthenes


tydings committee report on mccarthy's charges, 1950: "we have seen the technique of the 'big lie,' elsewhere employed by the totalitarian dictator with devastating success, utilized here for the first time on a sustained basis in our history ... we have seen the character of private citizens and of government employees virtually destroyed by public condemnation on the basis of gossip, distortion, hearsay, and deliberate untruths ... the spectacle is one we would expect in a totalitarian nation where the rights of the individual are crushed beneath the juggernaut of statism and oppression; it has no place in america where government exists to serve our people, not destroy them." patriot?

james m. cavanaugh, house of representatives, 1868: "... i believe in the policy that exterminates the indians, drives them outside the boundaries of civilization, because you cannot civilize them." patriot?

patriotism, as i think of it here, means a devotion to [american] principles of goodness and morality; that we have a duty to make independent judgments about whether or not our government adheres to these high standards. i find it a contemplative, deliberate act ... but it gets a bad rap from the rah-rah 'buy war bonds' folks. considered, honest dissent is patriotic, too. [see 9/17 quotes from roosevelt and chesterton.] who were the 'patriots' of the vietnam war ... the pacifists, or the troops? or both? it's worth thinking about. if we cannot learn from history, we're doomed to repeat it endlessly ...

"patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."
- samuel johnson.

welcome back, commander. everyone's 'belief system' is being strained to the max right now, and we have to allow for a little statistical variance. i've come close to throwing my laptop out the window a couple of times, myself. be glad you don't have my inbox ... (grin) ...

like a switch, there has been a significant falloff in wtc/face in the smoke searches from google. from hundreds yesterday, to fewer than 25 today. go figure.

in other words, if you have already-established conventional sites, and you aren't using zope, you're working too hard. (wink.) note, i don't claim content management makes *design* easier. design's a time-consuming, purely creative challenge, and content management just adds another layer of time and complexity. but *management* and *extension* of a site is a breeze, dudes and dudettes ...

happy as a clam at the moment. been converting a couple of sites over to zope. ftp them into my zope hosting instance, correct a couple of filename issues, and voila! everything works. next i begin to strip out the css, headers, footers, repeating items ... and replace them with dtml calls to a single file (like an include). beautiful. i can, at my leisure, build in whatever content management features i feel are most efficient. no force-feeding. imeme, my host, has some great tools for domain name management that make life just way too easy.

global free press: forget the airlines ... a bailout for the people.

channel seven: on sept 11, how did you get your news? #1, television. #2, radio. #3, internet ... at 3 percent. but 30 some percent used it to 'find more detail.' we ain't as hot as we think we is, as if we didn't know ... let's hope some of us in the weblog world take a breather on self-aggrandizement shpiel.

cnet: jeff bezos = taco bell dog. roll over ... beg ...

freshmeat: mysqldatamanagement [php], phpdirectory.

the register: copy-control senator sleeps while fair-use rights burn. it might be good to point this article out to your congresspeople.

linuxdevices.com: $89 linux pda.

computeruser linux advisor: desktop linux savings.

andante: the music of consolation.

the times.uk: terrorists used stolen id's. but it goes so much deeper. read this. could saddam hussein be the actual culprit?

times of india: colin powell deprecates nuclear option. note, i chose a different title. read the article. as we've seen with whitman and powell, they may not speak for the majority of the bush administration.

times of india: russia will not haggle over u.s. missile plans, says putin. doesn't mean they agree, however.

times of india: link between bin laden, suspects found.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe county, national guard prepare for nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. hey, at least they've *got* a plan. what's your county doing?

ny times op-ed: calibrating the use of force. rattle the sabre all you want, but when you draw it, you'd best have a justifiable target.

ny times: thinkers face the limits of a just war. "... the greatest danger of war is not the physical harm that it causes but the passions that it inspires ..."

there, i knew you'd understand.

the word of the day is 'consolidation.' the backup phrase is "tossing smelly mouse-eaten 20 year old down sleeping bags."