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well, it *is* and old book ... even has a penny embedded in the cover. for emergencies, i guess.

or, "how much whiskey can a scotsman drink? any given amount" ...

i inherited a lot of books from relatives; one is a book of scottish jokes. i know i may hear about this, but this is a favorite: "the legend that george washington once threw a dollar across the potomac has received new confirmation. it has been discovered he was trying to teach a scotsman to swim."

watched 'touched by an angel' for the first time tonight. all i can say is, michael landon was ahead of his time. *love* the scots accent, though.

come to think of it, the sky looks exactly like the cover of emmylou harris' album, "quarter moon in a ten cent town." it is truly a fandangled sky tonight.

you don't have to say it. i know. naive.

there's a little sliver of moon rising to the west. a few sparse clouds, stretching slowly to invisibility. the milky way is getting brighter; a huge belt over the cosmos. i look up at the stars, and think: we all share these. they don't judge. they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. they just *are*. can't we learn to share the planet as well? all of us? *sigh* i just heard another set of fighter jets pass over. heading for saudi arabia? hmmm. i guess i'll just keep concentrating on what's in front of me. i'm barbecuing in the dark again, getting philosophical as autumn approaches.

#1 on the new statesman reading list: history of islamic political thought.

artnews: the new look of feminism.

salon: hell no, they won't go. yet. i hear creedence clearwater revival, "it ain't me, it ain't me ... i ain't no senator's son ..."

good lord. i'm getting pounded by google searches. people seem fascinated by 'satan+wtc' and various other combos including those two words. all the pictures i've seen look like tim curry from ridley scott's flop "legend." the pop culture depictions are based on middle-age 'enhancements' to scriptural depictions and intermingled with pagan deities (janus). i mean, everyone knows satan looks like jack nicholson ... (grin) ...

cnn: senator shelby's never been one of my favorite people, but he calls it this time ... there was 'a massive failure' on the part of the u.s. intelligence community. it's about time someone in congress bellied up to the bar on this point!

irish times: pentagon orders combat aircraft to saudi arabia.

for those of you planning to catch the fall in western america, here's an update. the aspens are getting yellow at the 9/10,000 foot level on the sangres overlooking santa fe. which means, colorado is a bit ahead of us. you've got the next two or three weekends to catch high-altitude color.

santa fe new mexican: vandals desecrate church with swastikas. but the reason why isn't clear.

mandrake linux 8.1. includes kde 2.2.1.

osopinion: information, when easy to get and voluminous, drops in value?

global free press: noam chomsky warns of possible pakistan overthrow.

global free press: u.s. pays price for arrogance. the recent unilateralist stance of the bush administration is adversely affecting opinions in this crisis.

nasa: the ozone hole has begun for this year, once again.

bbc: lost moon landing tape found. shows the drama at mission control.

maccentral: maya for os x. stop me, i'm hyperventilating. anyone got a spare 7.5k?

paults of varnassus: zsi: solera soap infrastructure, tmda: a qmail based antispam system.

linux.o'reilly: linux virus reported.

ibm developerworks: robots marching on open source; an intro.

zdnet.uk: microsoft tries to cut windows off from unix servers.

dpreview: nikon d1h review.

the register: ms office for os x, november. 499. woof.

the register: e-tailers can do better.

zdnet: sniff some helium, read this. microsoft is "... a company that has improved our lives and vitalized our nation's economy."

new scientist: controlling encryption will not stop terrorists.

freebsd 4.4

slashdot: municipal networks as an alternative to commercial broadband. any security companies going out of business in your area? dry pairs, for the taking.

slashdot: kde 2.2.1 is available.

ny times: hollywood sells violence worldwide. is this the language the world believes we speak?

the guardian: restructuring shakespeare.

sunspot/chicago tribune: taliban prohibit music. destroy instruments.

a fine reader has sent over nimda information: aris analyzer, mcafee, symantec, incidents.org. the last is the gold mine, although quite busy.

ny times: designing a plane that cannot be used as a missile.

ny times: possible state involvement in attacks.

international herald tribune: high security america.

reuters: iraq denies it met with wtc attacker. proof?

meetings first thing. posts later.