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nothing else to do tomorrow? hey, here's a hottie. 1 p.m., at the albuquerque state fair. 'celebrity goat milking.' better'n the emmies ...

new statesman: is britain the first post-christian society?

ny post: dick morris, a prez for the times. an analysis of clinton vs. bush, albeit a little premature to gauge bush's effectiveness. interesting take on gore here, too.

foreign policy: rational fanatics, september/october 2000. the care and feeding of a suicide bomber.

counterpunch: flying bombs, who saw it coming? first article i've found that mentions a date correlation. george bush sr.'s speech to congress in 1990, heralding war against iraq ... and the camp david peace accords. so there was significance to the date, after all.

foreign policy: revisiting the 'superterrorism' debate.

atlantic monthly and the battle hymn of the republic.

the chronicle of higher ed: the politics of holiness in jerusalem.

new york post: 10 television stations knocked out. a lot of antennas on the wtc ...

san franscisco chronicle: 10 million in public art lost in wtc tragedy.

the latest dead/missing casualty list by country.

cbsnews: there's a possible link to iraq. i ran across this same issue about three days ago, on an israeli site ... but lost the link. didn't want to mention it without sufficient authority ... (grin) ... the original site i found said israeli intelligence had uncovered the connection.

zope: my media manager updated.

bbc sci/tech: how much energy was released in last tuesday's attack. nah, let's stay closer to the ground, shall we?

xmlhack: xmlspy 4.0.

web reference: rss without limits.

unix review: book review, 'exim, the mail transfer agent.'

la times: computers vs. net devices.

the register: athlon xp?

phpnuke to merge with addon developers.

freshmeat: python xmltools, narval [intelligent personal assistant].

dpreview: nikon coolpix 5000. 5 megapixel. looks like the 880/885 more traditional chassis has won out long term.

reuters: purple potatoes are good for you. interesting subnote here ... they mention 'copper-based fungicides.' i believe i recall that copper has been linked, in large doses, to schizophrenia and other mental health problems. too many fries ... ?

slashdot: new annoying microsoft worm.

how 'bout some tech links? about freakin' time ...

times of india: soviet vets have advice for america: "you can occupy it, you can put troops there and keep bombing, but you cannot win."

times of india: taliban looking for monetary, and other, support.

times of india: india sets up air bases for u.s.

does anyone out there have the canon s800 printer, and how do you like it? speed, color rendition, etc.? i'm thinking about dumping the old serial epson ...

sorry! out at meetings a bit longer than expected, and we had a slight outage here. doing some 'worm prevention.'

santa fe new mexican: our sikh population keeps a low profile. nobody's saying it, but i will. what a vociferous condemnation of education in america.

nytimes health: how evolution fits into the wtc picture. altruism and heroism predate homo sapiens?

nytimes science: the engineering challenges at the wtc site. they're going to have to plug the PATH train tubes, because they're 20 feet below wtc level on the jersey side.

nytimes science: making aviation fuels safer. there was, i believe a canadian firm that manufactured a very fine mesh. when rolled and inserted into aviation gas tanks, it displaced very little volume, but the mesh prevented the explosion of the fuel. the airlines didn't go for it.

nytimes: this may get lost in other news, but it's important. there's a cease-fire truce called between the israelis and palestinians.

international herald tribune: were the terrorists selling short? to show that they were working the western money machine might do them more damage than a cruise missile. greed is not a virtue in the qur'an.

international herald tribune: viewing disaster can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.

women in islam. many interesting links here. the qur'an is less restrictive on women than the bible, so it seems.

reuters: changing us assassination policy useless.