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remember 'sky pilot'?

rand: countering the new terrorism. they talk of bigger threats, but doubt terrorist actions on the u.s. mainland.

emergency response to terrorism, self-study course.

terrorism research center: the future of terrorism. the whole site's of interest, but try this out: "this could result in terrorist cells that are smaller, even familial, and thus harder to infiltrate, track, or counter. terrorism will be increasingly networked, with smaller and more self-sufficient cells, and will globally integrate parallel to digital global integration, and will permeate geographic boundaries and state sovereignties just as easily." no wonder carnivore is so important to our government.

went to a candlight vigil at the plaza in santa fe. it was great fun to hear the 60's era baby boomers begin to sing things like "where have all the flowers gone", and "if i had a hammer" ... yet what shocked me was the faces of the young people. the high schoolers. the grade schoolers. they all looked terribly frightened. the gathering seemed to help them greatly.

my heart just isn't in blogging today. there's a thunderstorm coming. i can hear the rumble, see the light begin to dim. the ants are hell-bent-for-leather heading for the hills. a jeep pauses at the intersection, and for a second i get a flashback to the final scene in 'terminator.'

times of india: ghadafi says u.s. has right of vengeance. kinda wierd to get approvals from former adversaries.

funny. i just caught myself making sure all the titles in my bookshelves are facing the right way. wasn't even thinking about it. looking for reassuring order in the world? exerting control over my little world?

"are you guys ready? let's roll." a hero, confirmed.

nytimes magazine, remains of the day. read/see it here first, before publication.

i redirect you to the le monde diplomatique article of yesterday. i've spent a lot of time this week digging up info, and now i'm going to take a day of rest and contemplation.

not a lot of motivation.

rain here in new mexico, intersprinkled with sun.