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the times they are a-changin' ...

the guardian.uk: reaching for the sky. i didn't realize yamasaki designed the world trade center towers! the woodrow wilson school on the princeton university campus is another of his works. it's a modern take on the lincoln memorial, and quite attractive. everyone in princeton, who was around when it was built, calls it 'the yamasaki building' ... a bit of princeton lore.

nytimes: a chronology of what happened with president bush and vice president cheney on 'the' day.

cosmiverse: link between headaches and atmospheric radiation explored.

le monde diplomatique, october 1998: fundamentalists without a common cause. well, here's your connection: "... ayman al-zawahiri, leader of the egyptian jihad, who co-signs osama bin laden's communiqués." from what i understand, the links to egyptian jihad are pretty solid. also, get this: "osama bin laden does not appear as the "mastermind" behind radical islamist movements throughout the world. he should rather be seen as a trainer of militants who subsequently choose their own fields of action or mount spectacular symbolic operations within the framework of his organisation al qaida." just as i feared; a loose network of independently operating terrorist cells. a massive attack against afghanistan may not truly remedy anything except remove a few training locations. read this article; it's the find of the day.

the umbrella over new mexico seems to have stepped up. more military jets in the air today than in the past couple of days. maybe i'm just not as fixated on the boob tube, and my ears are open.

ananova: u.s. attacks could affect i.r.a. decommissioning issue. darn tooting it will. no more money from america, boys.

ananova: putin compares terrorist acts to nazi era atrocities. for a nation who suffered mightily, these are strong words.

ananova: airlines seek to cap compensation claims. the wtc isn't even dug out yet, and the liability finger-pointing has begun.

global free press: bigger they come, harder they fall. important points here. the warmongering of washington begins to sound shallow. we know the i.r.a. has received financing in the united states. do we let london bomb washington? here's the plank in our own eye again. patience and diplomacy come hard for a 'instant-fix' consumer society, yet that is what we must exercise now.

earthweb's plugging mix-fx for cheap flash effects. one-trick pony

webtechniques: effective information architecture.

bbc: parts of new york financial district open for business.

vaults of parnassus: mailman, ht2html, python 101.

salon: terrorists will strike again, soon. but biologicals are unlikely. right now, this sounds naive.

linuxworld: docbook can be a sysadmin's best friend.

ibm developerworks: an introduction to quantum computing.

yahoo news: promising future for fuel cell technology.

linux.com: programming for linux using gnu tools.

msnbc: flight simulators taken off shelves. how silly. bombers have used cars for years; are we going to remove all driving games?

onlamp: how i bsd'd my ibook.

washington post: the images that won't let us go.

who is osama bin laden? a college graduate, maybe the first person to 'deregulate' terrorism? this man sounds smart enough to set up *independent* cells, a decentralized network ... which would make taking him out relatively useless ... except as a gesture. interesting that he had recruiting centers in detroit and brooklyn.

so much sadness, so much vitriol. not much i can do from here, so i am taking off to go do what i *can* do. see you later.

this is precisely why i'm against 'mini-nukes'. it'll make it too easy for them to use.

washington times: the right wing goes over the edge: time to use the nuclear option. no. you don't use a weapon of mass destruction in this situation. in response to an attack by such a weapon, yes. but not now, unless your goal is complete destabilization of the world.

i can't help thinking those imprisoned aid workers in afghanistan really put their foot in it.

washington post: united states defenses on war footing. it's been a long time, but older residents of the jersey shore can still remember the regular u-boat attacks on commercial shipping. flames in the night. you didn't call it terrorism back then, but americans are not unfamiliar with terrorist attacks.

an exhausted tractor operator at the wtc: "there's no word in the dictionary for this," he said. "they're going to have to make one up, and all i can say is i hope they make it easy to spell, because people are going to be trying to explain this for a long time."

boston globe: u.s. fighter jets scrambled too late to stop attack. a bit unfair; there were no plans in place for such eventualities. that will change now, of course.

boston globe: federal authorities have known since 1998 that bin laden followers have been trained as pilots in america. one individual bought a *military* plane in texas and flew it to sudan for bin laden. good lord.

irish times: saddam hussein calls for american restraint. "he said he doubted that washington would respond violently if the attackers were from a western country."

times of india: u.s. marines land in pakistan for surveillance. unconfirmed.

times of india: u.s. may use rabbani against the taliban.

international herald tribune: cia's headache: how to find bin laden.

ny times op-ed: the day before tuesday.

ny times: the mood in new york.

ny times: heartrending discoveries. remains belted to airline seats, a stewardess with her hands bound.

reuters: congress approves the use of 'all necessary force.' yet not as broad as it could have been. congress still wants some control. good. cooler heads are beginning to prevail.

reuters: continental cuts flights, lays off 12,000. personally, i think this is a little soon. the real effect on the airlines is yet to be seen.

for the first time, there is *no* television coverage on local channels. none.

good morning.