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liberty, and justice, for all.

a firehouse in albuquerque is offering to tape a flag on your antenna, as an act of patriotism and solidarity. people are leaving donations for the wtc disaster, unsolicited. they're collecting quite a bit. america, pulling together.

i'm seeing a great deal of bigoted drivel against muslims, islam and 'believers in allah.' drives me crazy. instead, i would suggest that people focus on the terrorist groups, not religions. do we condemn the catholic church for the i.r.a.? insult protestants for timothy mcveigh? don't give me the 'muslim martyr' routine ... the bible contains many verses that have been used to justify war, martyrdom and violence. do i need to remind that we programmers owe a great debt to islam? we wouldn't have numbers. we wouldn't have the concept of zero. colleges. optics. we owe much of the renaissance to islam. we wouldn't know plato, socrates, or any other classical greek works. ironic, that everyone should have learned this in a basic 'western civilization' course.

many republicans have wanted to rescind gerald ford's executive order #11905, section 5, that bans assassination by american intelligence agencies. note this didn't just ban it outside the u.s., but inside as well.

according to tv news, 30 to 50 *thousand* reservists are going to be called up soon. pentagon sources. for recovery, and air defense. standard & poor's predicts a recession upon resumption of stock market trading.

world political response matrix.

an analysis of the u.s. air raid on libya. "... the use of force to exact revenge or impose a penalty would be illegal in international law." if you're interested in the international legal issues, this is a start.

ny times: struggling to find words for a horror beyond words. 'towering inferno' wasn't about twin towers, though. i'd heard it used real footage from the fire in one n.y. plaza ... where i used to work.

reuters: u.s. gets promise of pakistani cooperation.

bomb scare at the capitol. television shows folks filing back in already. spanish news networks covered it immediately; major news outlets still haven't aired it yet. our mass media have become a ponderous unwieldy tool.

a reader points to an interesting coincidence: the leader of the anti-taliban movement in afghanistan was killed 9 september by suicide bombers. thanks, adam.

my concern is that a military strike against afghanistan is not something to be taken lightly, given the russian ten year effort ('79-'89). the area's politics are quite complex, if this narrative is any indication. we've got russia, iran, china, pakistan, india ... god knows who else. a swift action of retribution might do more harm than good, whereas a slow deliberate exercise of united international power might bring more positive results.

how afghanistan views world events. i am not sure who wrote this, pak or afghan. interesting counterpoint. the guardian.uk has another view, more general ... but just as condemning of american actions.

the current situation in afghanistan. afghanistan is one of the 'most heavily mined countries in the world.' land mines, that is.

urban legends debunks nostradamus. "five and forty steps the sky will burn; fire approaching the large new city; instantly a great thin flame will leap; when someone will want to test the normans." a close translation of the pertinent verse, often applied to the great chicago fire, twa 800, etc. etc. etc.

reuters: the nostradamus b.s. finds an audience in singapore.

world tibet: the dalai lama's letter to president bush. a tibetan friend pointed this out ...

osopinion: the internet did what it was designed to do; stay intact and functional during a crisis. but was that also an advantage for the terrorists?

global free press: terrorism through the lens of the alternative press. sometimes, no response is the best response. or simply being patient. i was outraged, watching dan rather today. he said things that were true, but that shouldn't be said until the wreckage is cleared. he mentioned the temperatures of the burning aviation fuel, and that many would be 'vaporized', no bodies to claim, ever. and whats-his-name on abc acts alternately asleep or petulant. if they can't ad-lib, cycle them with other correspondents.

global free press: what kind of people did this? i've never even heard of bandung. time to do a little surfing tonight ...

javaboutique: beginning jsp web development, part two.

bbc looks at 'how difficult it is to fly an airliner', and seems to conclude it's simple. not really. these planes were hijacked at high altitude, and to lose altitude without busting the airframe's 'never exceed' speed (where the airframe comes apart from stress), you have to know how to throttle back the airplane, possibly operate flaps and spoilers, and a knowledge of the V speeds. a flight simulator program won't teach you that; not with the strict discipline that's required.

cnet: global markets calm, volume low.

rootprompt: internet c++ goes gpl.

wired: web vents open on u.s. muslims. abject stupidity.

zdnet: linux-mandrake corporate server 1.

cnn: debris found six miles from pennsylvania crash. they mention the bomb threat here, but see posts below. this may lend credibility to a shootdown, esp. as it seems these are engine parts.

freshmeat: tnews, fase4php rdf parser, larbin web crawler.

dpreview: olympus e-20, 5 megapixel replacement for the e-10.

zdnet: layoffs in the linux sector.

the register: monster hard drives. and you'll need to keep monster backups as well ...

wired: prescient cd cover pulled.

mentioned on the various news programs this morning, there were more terrorists that were unsuccessful. apparently three at kennedy airport, so suspicious they were asked to leave the plane ... then disappeared.

times of india: 250 indians feared dead. globe and mail: 60 to 100 canadians feared dead. faz: five to ten germans missing, one wounded. xinhua.net: at least two chinese missing. this is all i have time to research. as i said yesterday, this was an attack against the world economy, as well as america. just about every nationality lost citizens.

times of india: federal reserve releases $50 billion to stabilize global markets.

times of india: u.s. proposes, pakistan disposes.

international herald tribune: striking back, harsh new tactics? i understand, but i also worry about this.

the new york times neediest fund.

ny times: william safire believes there may be a mole in the white house.

reuters: ashcroft says there was a ground support network for the terrorists.

reuters: feds do not rule out shootdown of pennsylvania plane. in the news media, there are speculations flying like mosquitoes in august.

reuters: plane circled the capitol before hitting the pentagon.

once again, reuters 'print-only' pages are not working. for my omniweb readers.

cbs news tv: two firefighters found alive in the rubble of tower 1. they're *walking* out.

good morning.