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the talking mouse ... "did i mention i like small unmarked bills?"

zopesite.com is down, including 'behind the curtain.' if you see it back up again, email me.

metafilter: n-generate. who needs a designer? then again ...

ananova: ice, in exotic places, can contain some interesting buggies. don't read before eating.

debugging zope with wing ide.

for zope, dbobjects. iuveno also offers zquest, an 'advanced online e-learning questionnaire system.'


global free press: why we protest the imf and world bank. now i begin to understand.

slate: philosophical flip-flop. the dems are now fiscally responsible, and the repubs are fine with a deficit, as long as it's their own?

computerworld: open source databases bloom.

freshmeat: php generator. sql.

dpreview: ibm cuts prices of microdrives.

linuxhardware.org: seagate cheetah ... fast, and hot?

death penalty information center.

reuters: rumsfeld vs. pentagon bureaucracy. i love the comment, moving 'from tail to tooth.' a veiled insult.

milov.nl's gone on vacation. look at what he left running.

santa fe new mexican: the serious side of fiesta. mass caps off spanish market weekend.

ny times: a little old, but i wanted to point to it ... reading for enlightenment, without snobbery or shame.

chronicle of higher ed: "giving it away" increases book sales.

bbc: venice lagoon reveals grim secrets. plague.

bbc sci/tech: gm crop trials 'flawed.'

maccentral: codewarrior 7 for mac.

xmlhack: cleaned up rdf syntax.

linux.com: on copyright.

linux gazette: the weekend mechanic. apache.

computerworld: debunking microsoft.

linuxtoday: sendmail 8.12.0.

freshmeat: vi improved, phpmailer, dunwizard, web integrator lite [portal].

linux security weekly report.

ibm developerworks: open ssh key management, part two.

times of india: military construction in alaska paused to become a flashpoint. more missile defense. quite interesting facts here.

and another reader sent over this: ritalin more potent than cocaine. "as a psychiatrist i sometimes feel embarrassed [about the lack of knowledge] because this is by far the drug we prescribe most frequently to children ..."

knick-knack sent over the link to outside magazine's article on santa fe as dream town.

the ny times is touting today's op-ed by william safire. i had forgotten that not only was pat buchanan a speechwriter for nixon, but william safire as well. imagine the three of them in the same room ... nixon, buchanan, and safire.

ny times: unhealthy influence. love that last paragraph ... take it seriously. i used to work on pharmaceutical product roll-out shows; the perks are generous. also, think about the rise in antibiotics resistance ... why prescribe amoxicyllin [low price, low impact] when you can get a perk for augmentin [high price, high impact]?

nytimes: pilot 'hero' tainted? the airbus is a 'fly-by-wire' system. electronic. fascinating account.

international herald tribune: where there was boom, there is bust. the internet didn't change the essential nature of 'business', just some of the facets.

reuters: ibm launches a new mid-range unix server.

reuters: new domains inch towards the net. november?

reuters: 1,050 years in jail.

reuters: cuts could fix budget problem, say republicans. somewhat misleading title. read the article ... i'm glad these guys don't have control of my credit card accounts.

reuters: condoleeza rice says blacks should not be paid reparations for slavery.

reuters: anti-aging products face congressional scrutiny. one again, if you contemplate self-medication ... do your research. for even the simplest things. a new issue (to me) in this article: chamomile tea can elicit an allergic reaction in ragweed sufferers.

another cool, bright morning. still stiff from yesterday's yardwork.