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just went out to drag the garbage can down to the road ... and looked up. no moon. the milky way is very bright tonight, perfectly bisecting the globe of night. what a view.

and good grief ... it's snowing in colorado already. 'castle rock', i think.

oh, and don't 'whack snakes. gets 'em mighty riled ...

i am *so* sore. traded the broken 'whacker for a new one. this time, no problems. with almost two acres, that's a lotta whackin'. i'm nowhere near done, and i'm walking like a cripple. forearms and biceps are wrung out. i found that a little three-tine hand fork and a keyhole-type saw were better for thinning the cactus ... hold it with the fork, while sawing through the base.

the autopsy. dang, i started reading this while barbecuing sausages. so engrossing, i almost let 'em burn ... [puns intended, of course.]

when you have a first name like 'garret', you'll find people wanting to misspell it as 'garrett' all the time. but now, even google makes the suggestion.

global free press: when will waitresses write their own books? someone needs to introduce the author to weblogs ...

cnet news.com: the stock market week ahead ... watch oracle.

salon: mccain's after pork. from my understanding, it was pork-barrel spending that saved los alamos after the end of the cold war.

yahoonews: san franciscans take sides in dog case. i wonder if the biggest unvoiced complaint is that owners will have to clean up after their dogs, in smaller fenced-in areas ... the aroma will probably be quite refreshing otherwise.

ibm developerworks: introduction to bonobo. chimply wonderful? sorry.

freshmeat: ip tables tutorial, web services toolkit.

techweb: is linux ready for real work?

santa fe new mexican: turtle steals show in santa fe's downtown pet parade.

nytimes: new research fuels debate over genetically modifying foods. the pollen, in isolation, may not kill. but the other parts of the plants can. thintelligent thinking. remember chaos theory; nature is not a closed system.

nytimes book review: the wild blue. a b-24 'bovine'? a b-17 'shark-like'? a b-24 looked like a flying boxcar; but i can't see a shark anywhere in the looks of a b-17 ... i guess the author's talking about sleek vs. utilitarian.

nytimes: cutting pollution and making money. ... and how long have environmentalists been saying this?

reuters: the double lives of internet camgirls. the second time i've seen one of these articles, touting the money-making opportunity more than the inherent risks.

reuters: snared shark bites captor. read the whole thing; another darwin award.

that being said, however, it's beautiful, clear cobalt skies, sunny.

cold this morning. upon rising late, it was just over 40 degrees here. in the southwest, often the change of seasons occur like the flipping of a switch. oh, we will are green here ... at the moment. but the temps, winds, shortening daylight, and high mountain aspens are all beginning to let us know it's time to *hurry* and prepare for winter. after labor day, we can have a freeze at any time.