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brought the whacker home, started it up. got half the yard whacked. turned it off, got a drink. pulled the starter wire (for a total of 12 total pulls since purchase), and broke the starter cable. snapped off inside. it goes back tomorrow.

the weedwhacker i ordered on monday is in. gotta go pick it up, then go make some noise. straight shaft, 32cc. watch out for flying cactus.

andrea's still taking us through africa ... and she ain't lion ...

lisp as an alternative to java.

seen on alt.rec.hiking, in reference to 'bear bells' warning away grizzlies: "yeah, you know you're in grizzly country when you see bells in the scat."

global free press: cold war era redux, prepare to hear about nicaragua again.

java boutique: beginning jsp development.

bbc sci/tech: midges like you sweaty.

cnet: when to outsource your webhosting.

linux os: preemptible linux.

sfgate: ximian.

linuxworld: how to move from isdn to cable modem with a minimum of fuss.

support maximumlinux.org. there's an unobtrusive paypal account at the top right.

wired: new copyright-protection bill heading to congress.

zdnet: pgp opens their pgpsdk.

ny times: bush pushes his policies, offers no new solutions. the man seems incapable of responding to situations ... it's the same old line that we've heard since before election day.

ny times: poor andrea yates. don't get me wrong; i sorrow for the children. but this poor woman was tortured, controlled ... used as a brood mare. no avenue for self-expression. isolated. cut off. the insistence on continual procreation makes me wonder if there were religious underpinnings here; the article says nothing.

ny times: court eyes easing limits on big media. monopoly-worship? look at what's happening in radio.

ny times magazine: women looking at women. post-feminism.

reuters: a robot in every home. i was going to make a derisive comment, but then thought: if everyone buys a robot, i'll be able to walk and bike undisturbed! neighborhoods will be quieter (esp. at night)! there won't be little presents in public sandboxes! so, go buy an aibo ...

reuters: 'harry potter' and 'the lord of the rings' will hit the theatres almost simultaneously.

reuters: gulf arabs 'astonished' at u.s. stance on israel. that is, the gulf war allies and oil producing nations.

when you're a small business, you can't overemphasize the importance of boundaries. i've had more calls, since seven a.m. this morning, than i've had all week. and, for nothing important. time to lay down the groundrules again.