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interaction for mac is always worth a look. xml, xslt, membership, server-side xml ... etc. etc.

channelseven: gator finds out there's no such thing as 'bad' press. also shows that online ad buyers are still looking for the 'internet miracle' ... pffft.

cnet: color pda's rule the market.

macnn: apple pulls MP server models off their store; new models coming?

net-security.org: netbsd sendmail local root compromise.

speaking of the ridiculous ... anyone else remember 'bennett cerf's book of riddles?' what's big and red and eats rocks? a big, red rock eater ... don't get me started on the chef ...

had one of those situations; you know the ones. the ones that provoke a real angry response. but instead, today, i decided to slant it. to take the high road. it struck me as so whacky ... i just burst out laughing. appealing to the funny bone defused the entire thing. one needs a bountiful sense of the ridiculous sometimes to maintain mental health.

bbc sci/tech: biotech firm wants government to stop forcing it to disclose genetic engineering risks. transparency builds trust, yes? gm needs to bolster our trust, not our suspicions.

global free press: the arctic drilling 'job creation' numbers are old, and somewhat misleading. well, now that's a shocker. [sarcasm.]

zope: searchable external objects [pdf's too!], zuserfolder, zmysqlda. and zope won a web tools award.

earthwebdeveloper: graphically build and deploy web services.

mac central: quark xpress 5.0 beta released. remembering the disaster that was quark 4, they'd better do a looooong beta cycle. otherwise, hello indesign.

ibm developerworks: open ssh key management.

zdnet: okay, now *this* is in the right direction. lsp, moving from windows to linux.

rootprompt: menuet os.

freshmeat: update to the wing ide for python.

the register: outlook express 6 security no better?

newsbytes: red hat moving to india.

newforge: beta 3 of mandrake linux 8.1.

santa fe new mexican: burning zozobra. the article is correct; we didn't have to 'run the gauntlet' of potter house christians. they were much more polite than past years. [they see the burning of zozobra as a 'pagan ritual', and that our souls are in jeopardy.]

ny times letters to the editor: interesting comments on homework and play for children.

ny times photography review: the epic and the surreal in cuba.

ny times: secret war game eases concerns over readiness. dry, pithy observation: i guess clinton didn't 'gut' the military, as implied during the campaign. i see no cries here of outdated hardware or the other scare tactics used.

ny times: the bush administration wants to relax regulations governing nursing homes. let's call it deregulation, please. once again, do we want the industry policing itself? how many times do we have to repeat the same mistake ... ?

international herald tribune: airlines waking up to coach class. it's about time. an airplane isn't a bus, for goodness sake.

reuters: if you're a wine connosieur in california, check this out.

reuters: pocket pc upgrade brings handhelds into their own.

reuters: in france, reviving the lost art of letter writing.

reuters: the white house continues to refuse to release energy policy documents.

reuters: jobless rate hits a four-year high.

still running to catch up with the workload.