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10:30 pm mst ... zozobra went up with a bang, a little louder than usual. they went all out for the 75th burning. and now, viva la fiesta!

oh ... zozobra's burning tonight. we burn a giant effigy of 'old man gloom.' the heck with burning man ... this guy moans as he burns, and takes away your sorrows for another year. and he kicks off fiesta weekend here in santa fe. viva zozobra! viva santa fe!

a three-hour power meeting. good *grief*. i'm hungry. next time i'll take snacks with me ...

international herald tribune: missiles for everyone. "maybe the united states would emerge supreme in such an arms-control-free world. but it doesn't sound like a very safe place."

international herald tribune: is bush's america to be absent from world affairs?

reuters: ibm says 'beware your co-workers. they might be hackers.' hey, i hack weeds ... does that mean the inquisition's going to come knocking down my door? joking aside, i wonder if they've set out a 'profile' for hackers. bet we all fit the descrip.

reuters: nevadans stand up against yucca mountain radioactive storage. "... cost for the project is $58 billion. it's the most expensive construction project in the history of the world ..." makes me think. the egyptians left us the pyramids. we'll leave future generations a radioactive storage facility?

times of india: in wisconsin, educating physicians and the public about antibiotic overuse. i have to ask the question ... don't physicians know when prescribing an antibiotic is appropriate?

big events: happy birthday, al ... and happy anniversary, scott and frauke.

political wire: the new republic and andrew sullivan part company. one assumes they could have picked him up again, but chose not to.

cbs news poll: americans down on bush, economy.

global free press: bush vs. food labelling.

zope: zclass-to-python product, zopen directory.

linuxjournal: setting up a multitrack home recording studio.

you know, some of these links are from yesterday ... but i'm marking them for personal use here.

top xml: using xslt for xml calculations.

bbc sci/tech: scramjet a success.

bbc sci/tech: i miss douglas adams. 'the universe could turn into jelly at any moment.' i've got my towel ready ...

xmlhack: perl css to sourceforge, python/apache xml environment, adobe svg viewer 3 beta.

vaults of parnassus: pyblog, comfyedit.

ibm developerworks: pydoc and distutils.

byte.com: colocating your server.

zdnet: nvidia has hardware drivers for linux.

dpreview: epson print image matching drivers. 790, 890, 1290.

dpreview: revised sony dsc-f707 review.

debian planet: converting root to xfs, how-to.

zdnet: svg gets the green light from w3c.

the times.uk: coffee linked to heart disease.

new statesman: will the new library at alexandria ever get used? " ... the vast majority of egyptians ... have little interest in their country's pre-islamic past."

spark-online: conceptual art sucks.

santa fe new mexican: controversy over mining and the taos rio grande gorge bridge. a scenic river view, with a mine?

santa fe new mexican: monastery gift shop in pecos burgled. they'll have to lock the place now. "the whole community suffers ... it's not just the monks. it's everyone."

santa fe new mexican: our black bear problems continue.

ny times book review: "in the floyd archives."

ny times: a class action suit for global warming?

ny times: the politics of the surplus. "washington, we've got a problem ..."

reuters: in an era of email, face-time is still important. yessirreebob.

reuters: looking for the 'funniest person on the internet.'

reuters: a peek at the black hole in the center of our galaxy.

reuters: mass sighting of meteor over northeastern u.s. it's so dark out here in new mexico, you can usually see one on any given evening. later: whoops. nope. russian space junk.

reuters: u.s. no longer pursuing microsoft break-up. the ny times also comments.

got a lot of catching up to do today.