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well, i'm venturing abroad tomorrow, a road trip to see a client. that's part of the fun of new mexico. it's three and a half hours to get to his place. each way. ten miles or so of 4wd. so, unless i get up really early, you won't be seeing much here. but i'll be back on thursday, as per usual. just go read cam and others.

oh, and i've got digital camera in hand. (winks to blivet.)

global free press: a palestinian urges his people to lay down arms.

bbc: brasilians protest amazon bill. if the rainforest gets decimated, watch our weather patterns go completely haywire.

cnet: fry's to buy cyberian outpost.

bbc: the english language comes slowly to children.

the microsoft wishful thinking dept. - the 'linux to windows migration guide.'


the standard: adobe says it has no responsibility for skylarov. making the gimp look better ...

mozillaquest: netscape lays of lead lizardwrangler.

ten minutes to 'miller time.' or should i say, 'snake dog ale' time?

reuters: senator gramm will not seek reelection. but read the fine print: "... a potential successor to alan greenspan as head of the federal reserve system ..."


maccentral: olympus d-40, 'smallest 4 megapixel camera.'

freshmeat: sqlgui for kde2, zeus web server, tnews [php news site support].

businesswire: turbolinux 'powercockpit' allows you to deploy and configure a rack of linux servers in minutes.

sydney morning herald: son of concorde coming soon.

calebos goes into academia.

andrea's taking us on a safari.

zope 2.4.1 released.

linuxjournal: squirrelmail, email for nuts.

librenix: looking at the ibm mainframe as a huge linux instance server.

freshmeat: zorum [php message board], ldap to dns protocol gateway, xotclide.

linux focus: writing little shell scripts.

linuxhardware.org: thinkpad t22 w/linux review. slashdotted. slow.

daemonnews: network setup with freebsd and openbsd.

national post/canada: write a complete story in three days, get published nationally.

international herald tribune: the sponsored novel. hmm. ever read tom clancy?

sacramento bee: movie critics fighting over the bottom of the barrel?

bbc: stealth anti-cd-piracy techniques.

gramophone: get access to a strad. but only if you play quartets.

santa fe new mexican: survey finds latinas lack birth-control information. sounds more like a sales pitch for birth control *pill* information. what about std's? birth control pills aren't a solo act. they do futz with hormones, and many women have problems with them. i know a few who have had psychiatric problems in association with the tri-cyclics. in other words, it ain't aspirin.

ny times letters to the editor: israel and racism.

ny times: u.n. body urges stronger rules on cybersquatters.

ny times: navy changes cause of '45 ship sinking to german torpedo.

ny times: u.s. germ warfare pushes treaty limits. yes, and they do some of it up at los alamos, as i've mentioned before.

ny times: giving the web a memory cost its users privacy. all about cookies.

international herald tribune: arafat has the upper hand?

reuters: british schools flocking to the internet.

reuters: four months on your back, to simulate weightlessness.

reuters: former president carter criticizes the pullout from the race conference. i believe he's right; stay involved, and voice your opinion. you can't change views if you're not there. later: then again, i'm no expert. i'll leave this to others with more knowledge than i.

cnn: another shark attack. they keep calling them 'anomalies', but i wonder.

it's a gorgeous day, and i've learned something new.