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well, i was going to post more stuff tonight, but got caught up in writing some code for zope ... then uploading packages to the old newton 120. so i guess i'll see y'all in the mawnin' ...

freshmeat: the forg, a graphical gopher client written in python.

they're also having a 'mariachi extravaganza' concert at the santa fe opera house.

santa fe new mexican: authorities are still looking for the injured bear up in pojoaque.

and happy birthday weekend to madorangefools.

patti ann has a new fall design.

first day of pixelpile.org. congrats, reid.

osopinion: good reasons for a .sex domain.

cnet: inkjet printer reviews. unfortunately, you won't find specs about color gamut and archival inks here.

cnet: online publishers searching for how to make money on the internet.

mac central: new database and content management systems announced. the sqlboss software i pointed out the other day.

linux.com: setting up a home computer lab to learn linux networking.

freshmeat: functional xml parsing framework.

vnunet: reissued telnet warning.


ieee spectrum: an engineer's view of venture capitalists.

any freshman year logic student can point out the fallacies and relevance, of course. one must be careful of the conclusions one draws from pop culture generalizations. meg's on the right track here. the lack of women in tech is cultural, learned behavior ... 'nurture' more than 'nature.'

thinking about the dave/megnut men/women thing again. men don't do needlepoint. they're numbers are dropping since the 'rosie greer' days. needlepoint requires eye-hand coordination, concentration, an aptitude for geometry and mathematics, and for large pieces ... the ability to get along with others. obviously, it must be biological. therefore, my conclusion is that men are not suited to be software programmers. or fighter pilots, for that matter. (see next post above.)

ny times op-ed: looking at the 'faith-based' initiative. this is a very, very difficult issue to consider, at least to me. i've taken part in helping the homeless and mentally unfit during the reagan years, via a friend who was a franciscan friar. i've seen what good religious orders can do amongst the poor and destitute. the problem is, i've also seen the devastation that can be wrought by what i call 'big business religion.' money and converts seem to be their only aim. i would like to see faith-based groups, efficacious ones, get the financial aid they need. but i also clearly understand the need to separate church and state, and to prevent discrimination when federal monies are used. yet, a religion has a right to it's particular viewpoint, it's autonomy ... just as much as any minority has a right to not be discriminated against. it's a tough, tough call from a legal perspective. my friend, the friar, never asked if anyone was saved. never asked if they were gay or straight. never proselytized. he attracted converts by example, but helped thousands of others get back on their feet.

ny times: new white house web site.

ny times: white house delays reagan files release, yet again. i'm curious, but put your own meaning on it.

ny times: denver moves from haze to clean air act compliance. great news, but last time i was there it was still pretty smutty.

ny times: white house to let china build up its nuclear missile offensive systems. i am (almost) speechless, and in shock. i can't help thinking that mr. bush is selling our children and grandchildren up the nuclear proliferation river. say goodbye to tibet; it is gone forever now (the chinese are using sections of it as a nuclear missile launch platform).

reuters: the internet replacing libraries for teens. i'm torn about this. my concern is the lack of 'authoritative' sources for information ... or, at least, for a teenager ... how is one to gauge an 'authority'?

reuters: russia warns computer scientists about the 'dangers' of u.s. travel. the dmca might get 'em.

reuters: the army corps of engineers, the missouri river, and endangered species.

reuters: u.s. tests booster rocket for missile defense. just 3000 miles? interesting.

i also keep getting the 'shonen knife' japanese punk band home page showing up ... for what reason, i can only wonder. marvelous, this 'world wide web' stuff.

this showed up in my referrers last night: acqweb's directory of book reviews. this goes in the link repository.

it's interesting to watch traffic patterns here after i've had outages. you can look at my stats, and the graphical representation looks like teeth on a saw blade. after an outage, it takes a week or so for traffic to return to normal. it still hasn't returned to my pre-big-outage (may) levels, but it'll get there.

it's labor day here in america, and a three day weekend. which means postings will be a little uneven, depending on what i'm up to.