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semiotics for beginners. via xblog. have a good vacation, you x-ers.

i've been jigging with the redirect on the 'index' page here again. icab should now go to my 'netscape' page, rather than the css page.

reuters: items lost in london cabs. little, gnarly looking cars are in vogue in santa fe. i need a little black london cab.

reuters: world's fastest ride to be built in las vegas. a lot of water on the floor, i'll bet.

another cool newton site: newton reference. a lot of dead links, but some interesting finds.

global free press: degregulation: where there is greed, there is no vision. remember the quote, 'the market is smart, the government is dumb"? wrongo. the market has no directive to look out for citizens' welfare, only to make a bloody great profit.

global free press: walmart and 'right to work' laws.

lwn.net: zope weekly news.

bbc sci/tech: are computer games the pioneers of ui?

books online.uk: the unnatural history of satanism. gee, i need to visit the orkneys. sounds like a blast.

chicago tribune: 'to kill a mockingbird' moves up the bestseller lists. hey, boo ...

irish times: art is subjective. art for the museum, art for the home.

grokdotcom: eyetracking and usability. eyes go to text first. i'd like to see this study repeated over different age levels, however. i don't think this is true for children.

nasa earth observatory: local climate may be more important than co2 levels in determining plant diversity.

bbc sci/tech: commander of the international space station warns of man's impact on the earth.

xmlhack: accessibility guidelines for xml.

ibm developerworks: linux unicode programming.

onlamp: writing filters for apache 2.

mozillaquest: suse linux 7.1 free to high schools.

macnn: janebuilder for php 1.1, opera 5 beta for os x.

freshmeat: the zope shell, elog electronic web logbook - could be interesting for educational purposes.

anandtech: a case for linux in the corporation, as licensing fees skyrocket.

the register: the truth about the divx revolution. why goose up on gigs when you can rent a movie for a couple 'o quid?

freebsd 5 delayed a year.

npr: radio stations abandoning streaming.

santa fe new mexican: the fungus among us. a second building is being tested.

santa fe new mexican: pojoaque on the lookout for a pissed, injured bear.

ny times op-ed: sole ruler of the free economic world, alan greenspan.

ny times: woodlawn cemetery in the bronx; a city within a city.

international herald tribune: how to sell a castle. must be awfully strange ... living in a castle, with suburbia encroaching. i guess one could play feudal lord ...

sorry; just had a long, interesting phone call.

reuters: drug resistant hiv on the rise.

reuters: everyone's looking for an economic 'magic bullet. even alan greenspan. this time, it's capital gains.

cnn: licensing and registration of guns seems to deter gun crime.

versiontracker: new version of the 'amazing slow downer.' if you're a budding musician, there's no better little piece of software.

cloudy, almost cold. i can smell winter's frosty breath. he's waiting just beyond the mountains.