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mmm? fire hose? can't hear you. i've got this cat 5 ethernet cable in my ear, and i'm looking for the 'focus' knob. thanks, mr. c.

grant'll get off on this. let's see if he remembers. i was digging around, and i found my old newtboot and moonwriter.

salon: zero tolerance at schools, run amok.

just got the news ... my brother's gone through his back microsurgery with flying colors. he'll be sleeping at the hospital tonight, and will go home in the morning. that's a load off my mind. he may even be back at a desk gig by friday. modern medical miracles.

cnn: missiles intercepted by u.s. may fall on other countries. okay, i'm sorry but ... *is this news?* must be slow in atlanta ...

ananova: a new 'bra sensor' fitting service. i can hear the echoed voice of captain peacock in grace bros.: take it away, mr. mash! you'll only understand it if you're a fan of 'are you being served?'

ananova: husband, under restraining order, crashes plane into wife & daughter's house. they weren't home, thank goodness.

wired: appalachia, where the net trails off. journalists need to get out more; ever been to the rez, guys?

kuro5hin: riding the red bull. the energy drink. scroll down and read about the poor guy who took 'ripped fuel' from twinlab. as i recently found out during my arrhythmia episode, otc energy and natural herbs can have effects they don't tell you about. for instance ... st. john's wort is finding its way into a lot of herbal medications. the herb is a MAO inhibitor, and you had better not have wine or cheese with it. the 'stack' of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin has been shown to raise body metabolism and help people lose weight ... very, very effectively. but if you have an anxiety condition, you're packaging yourself up for a trip to bellevue. alwin will probably have more to say about this.

wired: suing for ad space.

global free press: america is afraid of a good argument. we continue to come across as unilateralist.

nasa earth: saharan dust clouds cause toxic algae blooms off west florida.

cnet: skylarov has been indicted. as i said before, adobe can't just cry wolf and walk away.

o'reilly: a serious issue with sendmail.

unixreview looks at nusphere mysql.

mac os x: omniweb 4.05.

yahoo: software libre! open source can break the lock on u.s. software. oh my ... is microsoft really going for world dominance? (sarcasm).

netslaves: the failure of tech journalism. lately i've been feeling sorry for journalists, esp. after watching the various conservative/liberal pundits on pbs. one wonders how they can stand continually spouting their particular partisan tripe day after day. when will one break out of the mindless tedium and really debate a position, with a willingness to change if they're wrong?

cnn: nicole kidman in high-speed boat chase. gee, if not for the police, the paparazzi might have murdered another celebrity.

kuro5hin: how home schooling harms the nation. it creates free-thinkers?

cnet: boosting hard drive speeds with serial ata.

got another e-card just now. something just rung a bell in my head; all those great flash/usability curmudgeons are missing something. some of these e-cards require user interaction that's really hard to grok. yet they're popular as heck. i get clients banging down my door for the same effects on their site. now my question: if 'usability' and 'clear navigation' is the traffic-driver folks assume ... then why are e-cards so popular? i'm curious.

speaking of natives, there's a lizard just outside my window. he's alternating sleeping, and doing pushups.

santa fe new mexican: another person dices with taos gorge, falls to her death. as opposed to other areas of the u.s., we have old, crumbly rock. in other words, don't go near the edge ...

santa fe new mexican: the infomesa summit. of course, they don't mention how bleeding expensive the darned thing is. which is why i'm not there.

ny times: bad luck and the arctic expedition of 1912.

when i worked a/v, i used to sit in a glassed-in booth, aligning slide projectors, checking sound systems. i could listen to and watch proposal pitches and demos unobserved. it used to strike me as so sad ... that, when the steward would roll in the coffee service, all eyes would glance at the women in the room. didn't matter if the women were ceo's or not. you could see the question in the men's minds: would they pour? it would happen at least 90% of the time.

ny times op-ed: well, if you followed the megnut/dave thing, here's a kicker. 'the manolo moochers.'

ny times: the nation's 'first sanitary landfill' is also a superfund site. making a dump a historic landmark ...

international herald tribune: india and the bomb.

reuters: amazon now sells computers. what about left-handed buggy whips? see, they haven't covered *everything* yet ...

reuters: compassionate seattle. drivers urge woman to suicide jump ... so she does.

reuters: bush to urge congress to emphasize military, education. if you haven't gotten it yet, bush is going to force smaller government on us, by his tax cut and spending priorities. if it's no longer in the treasury, we can't spend it. with the democrats in control of the senate, it's perfect for the president. as social security gets dipped into, he can blame the spendthrift nature of the other party. i don't believe the republicans are even sweating over this, other than for elections in 2002.

time: how the dems and repubs are spinning the loss of the surplus.

throat hurts today. allergies?