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ny times: lack of e-book enthusiasm no surprise to bibliophiles. let's get down to brass tacks ... who wants a book with a battery?

finally found my old newton cables. fired up newton connection utilities [after rebooting with extensions off], and received joy. now to play with some packages!

ms internet explorer 6 final. i'm off to download, and see if it left-aligns properly. nope, still screwy. seems to draw menus slower than the beta. time to dive into the 'internet options' to see what i can turn off ...

this isn't sunset, but almost. two great shots like this:

sunset, 08/27/01. looking at the sandia crest.

a very lovely sunset tonight. there's a large storm to the north and west, over santa fe proper. big, big bolts of lightning. promethean. if my digital camera had a longer lens, i'd show you. it's knocked out my earthlink connection; working on the local isp.

back to the dark ages. an astrology school has won accreditation, qualifying for federal grants and loans. one would hope the 'church and state' wonks would come out against this one. astrology's more of a religion, relying on faith. i mean, come on. the damned thing is fun and cute to read, but is based on the astro-logy/nomy of ptolemy. i get into myth and mystery as much as anyone, but i'd never plot my life based on an astrological chart.

reuters: friday is the last day for 'mr. rogers neighborhood;' that is, except for reruns. "so much of tv for kids now is frenetic, a sugar rush, whereas mister rogers created an alternate universe to that."

flash from the ny times: the federal government will be raiding the social security 'lockbox' this year to stay solvent. the bush tax cut accounts for 2/3's of the shortfall - the slump in the economy, 1/4. i'm sure we're going to hear two things now ... one, running the government at a deficit isn't a bad thing, and has been done for years [true]; and two, time to shrink the federal government even more [depends on where you shrink it, ladies & germs ... how 'bout the pentagon budget?].

cnn: the japanese are looking to enter the space-launch industry. looks cool. but maybe china and north korea will want to build their own anti-missile systems now ...

global free press: carrying out good work in turbulent times. on being professional *and* ethical. this sounds like it will be a book worth perusing.

osopinion: fallacies of a 'secure' and 'private internet.

infoworld: 'parasitic grid' wireless movement. bypass the 'big players.'

cnet news.com: amd seriously slashed chip prices. maybe it's time to build that athlon box i've always wanted.

mandrake linux 8 for ppc [final] released.

busy, busy, busy ...

developerworks: xml for data: four tips for smart architecture.

a friend has noticed that i tend to use commas and other punctuation in funny ways; leftover bad habits from teleprompting. they remind a speaker where to pause, or change inflection. a bit of my history.

washington post: on reading. how one could survive teenage, much less any other age, without the benefit of the classics, is beyond me. what it was to feel outcast as a teenager, and to be able to read 'the count of monte cristo' ...

public arts: niches rule.

new statesman: foot-and-mouth killed the british tourist season. i'd imagine the chop houses didn't do so well ... and i won't even theorize about steak 'n' kidney pud.

global free press: cheney's energy plan bears industry clout. a lot of loose ends pulled together, but does it hang? conservationist and environmentalists seem to have truly been given short shrift. flashback: ronald reagan removing the solar water heating panels from the white house.

global free press: the brutal price of bush's tax cut. ignore the misleading title. an interesting critique on the *democratic* party.

webreference: advanced css layout, step by step.

migrating to reiserFS from ext2.

yahoo news: polygamy's no deal for the young.

macnn reviews the powerlogix powerforce g4/450.

freshmeat: php_lib_login. login and password protection library for php.

slashdot: real high speed internet access over ... power lines. germany was first.

infosync: the new hp jornada 560 PDA series. a pretty face.

fastest bios boot time (0.8 sec) to linux on a pentium III.

ny times: los alamos lab land taken unfairly, heirs say. property ownership is next to godliness out here. land gets traced back to the spanish occupation days (15/1600's). you should see the information about my house ...

ny times: the audience for online news is growing.

cnn: a joint u.s./israeli antiballistic missile system is a success.

ny times: technical hurdles for missile defense.

reuters: rusty alfa romeo sells for a million. misleading title; an important piece of racing history, this.

reuters: scientists track down human longevity genes.

meetings, meetings. busy as usual for a monday. first deadline of the week is tomorrow.