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overdid it this evening. an hour's nordictrack, squats, and then a brisk hike through the eldo wilderness. my quads are jelly. see ya tomorrow.

arstechnica: windows 2000 memory subsystem tweaking.

the atlantic: bystanders to genocide. why did we sit idle during the rwandan crisis? this article charges 'willing complicity.'

the atlantic: judging 'masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.' pizza?

ananova: related to the 22 year old computer gaming victim mentioned below on this page, a thai newspaper claims that amphetamines are used in the water at 24 hour gaming venues. geez, and i thought the use of laughing gas in discos and at conventions was bad.

reuters: old pc's just fine for new school year. if the industry based their projections on *yearly* sales to schools, they've got a problem.

reuters: tap social security if two quarters are 'down'. they're starting to mention the "r" word ...

linux world: how to create a linux-based network of computer for peanuts. yes, but does charlie brown really need a computer? corny ...

read dave. read megnut. form your own conclusions.

philly.com: the anti-aesthetic aesthetic. yes, but the audience is on anaesthetics ...

la times: hollywood refocusing on just opening-weekend profits? they no longer care if the film has 'legs' ...

channelseven: adver-gaming.

global free press: medical care a la carte. $20,000/yr. for a physician at your beck and call.

global free press: disturbing isolationism. the bush administration foreign policy is not going over well at all.

about.com: drop caps in css.

bbc sci-tech: for the doom-and-gloom set ... approaching the sixth mass extinction.

canada computes likes mandrake 8.0.

rootprompt: mozilla 1.0 set back to 2002.

maximum linux: yellow dog linux 2.0 review.

times of india: 22 year old man dies of a *stroke* while playing marathon computer games. holy cow ...

santa fe new mexican: the bear-mauling in mora county has all eyes turned to the forest. local law enforcement is checking out likely bear hang-outs. we saw 'animal control' the other night, driving a white pickup and towing a heavy steel box ... shining a spotlight around the back of the dumpster in the harry's roadhouse parking lot.

ny times op-ed: that sinking feeling. an interesting point raised here, not seen elsewhere ... that if younger folks start investing part of their social security in private venues, that 'loss' in revenue will have to be made up someplace else for current elderly retirees. and if we have to 'raid' the 'lockbox' ...?

ny times: does 'keylogging' equal wiretapping? tracking your pc use.

ny times travel: touring the bronze age in spain.

ny times: another bush success story. sometimes makes you wonder if we really need a president ... you can't really play the game, if you're not in the game.

ny times: exploration of the web tilts from the eclectic to the mundane. too true, too true. weblogs help point out the eclectica, but with the influx of newcomers we often end up covering the same territory again and again and again. but i would also posit that more authoritative material is now being charged for. surely that's a factor, too. daily news, and 'personal opinion' posts, do nothing to satisfy real curiousity. it sends us back to the library (which isn't a bad thing at all).

international herald tribune: 'spirit capture, native americans and the photographic image.'

reuters: no internet hookups in afghanistan ... the taliban's only allowing one.

reuters: there's nothing wrong with occasional spanking. another 'fad' put to bed. i keep remembering the medical community coming out against eggs, butter ... then turning about-face a few years later. i'd say you would be hard-pressed to find baby boomers who hadn't been spanked.

reuters: venice film festival starts on wednesday.

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