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just a brief hello. pretty tired out. indian market is mobbed this year. they were estimating between 80,000 and 100,000 people, but it's as busy as i can ever remember it. booths were six people deep in some areas ... and with some back-to-back booths, you were being moved without using your feet (figure it out). in that taking photos of native americans is considered rude without asking, i didn't get much chance to take photos, unless it was creative crowd shots. i'll go over what i got tomorrow sometime.

the number of rich texans was up. old grey-hairs dressed like freaking pocahantas everywhere. i mean, if you're native, ok. but little apple-cheeked new england-looking grandmothers jingling with silver and turquoise. and really, really bad taste in footwear. i can forgive a woman just about anything, except bad taste in shoes. a personal foible.

the funniest exchange heard today ... a 'new agey' tourist, asking a native american at a booth:

tourist: "but it has this pattern. does it have a meaning?"
native american vendor: "well, not really. it's just art. you must see something in it to want to buy it."
tourist: "but you use red, black and white ... don't they have some symbolic meaning to you?"
native american vendor: "yeah ... i liked the colors, so i used them. are you going to buy it, or psychoanalyze me?"

i love "today's native american." straight to the point. i found it enjoyable to see they're as fed up with the new age claptrap as i am.

there was a lot more 'contemporary' native american creation this time. the traditional was populated by the usual pots and rugs and things. but there were a few outstanding traditionals, and some very creative contemporaries. you just had to go booth to booth to separate the wheat from the chaff. not as much painting as i usually like to see. did the whole thing in about three and a half hours. and bought a drum from a lakota. i don't know why i should be surprised, but she has a website.

after the indian market, headed up to las campanas to see more houses on the 'haciendas parade of homes.' got to see an 8,000 square foot home (3 million dollars), done by barranca builders. an unbelievable house. moss rock type stone lintels in some doorways. a kitchen you could play racquetball in. a firepit and circular platform on the roof. his and her's separate bathrooms, with 'her' closet about 200 square feet, with *glass* doors, to keep dust off your clothes, but still be able to see what you've got. a really interesting twist ... using native rugs on the ceiling. very neat, and something i'll have to try here in the house. a whole wall telescopes into another wall, leaving one whole side of the living room open to nature (and a large courtyard). just an outstanding space. the funny thing? in spite of it's grandeur, it's only a three bedroom house. so you can imagine the size of the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, dining, etc. etc.

got home, did some chores (linseed oil and mineral spirits on the woodwork), an hour on the nordictrack (because biking at dusk is one of the most dangerous times), and a bit of hi-protein dinner.

in other words, i'm shot. see you tomorrow.