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tried using opera all day, but it seemed to occasionally translate html code into &--- codes, breaking links and formatting. strange.

well, tomorrow i'm out early to go to indian market, so there probably won't be any posts here until later in the day. very likely, with pictures. see y'all on the morrow.

sunset this eve:

sunset, august 17, eldorado wilderness.

two shots of a storm, after dark, actually, being lit inside by lightning (sorry; handheld. quality's awful. but i thought it was pretty neat):

storm sharp, 4 second exposure.

storm blur, 8 second exposure.

excuse me if you newton users have seen this already, but i think this is pretty neat: writehere suite, allows you to use the newton and it's handwriting recognition to control your desktop. i assume it'll work with os 9.1.

online journalism review: the problem with salon isn't money.

linux today: mandrake 8.1 beta.

the register: we won't tell you what this does, but apply this patch *now*.

eweek: ibm websphere studio workbench goes open-source.

the register: securityportal.com put 'under wraps.'

the guardian: unplug the oldies, for good. pbs aired 'the guess who reunion' the other night, and i have to say i was somewhat grossed out. grey, fat dudes up on stage, shakin' their moneymaker (now a pot belly). the audience, not much better. no connection with the songs i heard as a youth. in the bigger picture, a musician is an artist. to not create is to die. they have to do *something,* but that something doesn't have to be retreads of past glory. do kids today see bob dylan et al as we saw frank sinatra, dinah shore, etc. etc.? that out of touch?

new york post: the conquest of oz? a prospective new series sounds like we might end up with a cross between judy garland and lara croft.

gramophone: the sofiensaal burned down. the grave loss of a great acoustical space.

national post: is that a real rodin, or not? hmmm. i'll have to *think* about it ...

an interesting post in my discussion group. please, ask before proselytizing. last time i looked, courtesy was part of the fitra.

la times: fossil fuel cuts would let us all live longer, as well as reduce global warming.

kumo: web apps/services. a smorgasbord.

my brother woke up the other day, in great pain, unable to walk. they had to knock him out to put him on the mri; looks like he's got a ruptured disc pressing on a swollen sciatic nerve. they're talking painkillers, and then microsurgery. anybody else have any experience with this, or words of wisdom? can a chiro do any good at this point (i don't think so, but i'm open to suggestions)? email me.

the register: internet traffic doubling every six months. people driving on the shoulders, increase in road rage incidents, etc.

osopinion: e-commerce would be more successful if broadband had a wider audience.

zope.org: mailinglogger, kaivo dtml document site search extension 0.2. if you use zcatalog, check out that last link.

webreference: scripting for fifth generation browsers (and beyond).

webreview: part of a continuing xslt series, building xslt stylesheets.

server watch: list server roundup.

open bsd journal: open bsd loadable kernel modules.

ace's hardware: dual xeon vs. dual athlon. who cares about mike tyson? fire up a 3d renderer, and let's see who falls to their knees with raydiosity ...

alternet: microsoft plays mccarthy in the 'war against linux.' surprised they haven't chosen steve dallas (bloom county) as an anti-penguin spokesperson.

freshmeat: html document object, perl modules to create dynamic html. also, phptidyht ... tidy up html via php.

dpreview: review canon powershot g2, four megapixel.

kuro5hin opens a debate on faith-based initiatives.

log error: html form protocol attack. pdf.

linux news: gnome 1.4 for slackware linux.

slashdot: amelio, raskin, gassee on 'what apple means.' cobbler.

daemonnews: free bsd book. esp. for newbies.

times of india's quote of the day: "it is stupid of modern civilisation to have given up believing in the devil, when he is the only explanation of it." ronald knox.

santa fe new mexican: lotsa things going on. sleeping woman bitten by rabid bat. dog falls down well. lewis hine photos are forgeries.

ny times: the web of the cosmos.

ny times: the army's going to be burning chemical weapons in indiana, alabama and kentucky. i'm worried about our favorite alienoid.

the international herald tribune has done a redesign. no more 'previous/next' buttons.

re: the industry standard. between the industry standard and business 2.0, i couldn't get to the articles for all the ads. occasionally i'd get something good over the web ... but they aren't making $ off that. so i'm not especially surprised.

i see sinead o'conner got married. what a flattering pic.

sorry; postings are sporadic because i'm sending things through email at the same time as posting.

reuters: the world continues to work on germ warfare agreement, without the u.s.

reuters: the proposed world war two monument continues to offend.

during the thunderstorms last night, i sat back with the old newton 120, and wrote most of my proposal ... doing an outline of the framework first, then filling in. after having such a productive time with the little thing, i decided to check out what palm and handspring are doing ... and was surprised to find that the handspring runs on a 33 mhz processor ... and the 'old' newton 2100 is running at 160mhz! why on earth apple dropped this item, rather than market it more efficiently, i'll never figure out.

i see john has a suggestion, if hay fever has wiped you out ... (scroll down).

american museum of beat art. thanks, elda.

friday!!! it's FRIDAY!!! and tomorrow's indian market. cool.