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times of india: russia and india join forces to develop a cruise missile. for naval use, as well.

ny times: genghis khan's tomb, found?

can tomorrow be friday already? wow. i may have bought until monday to complete my bid proposals. that would be sweet. one i really, really want to get ... and i need some time to tweak it.

back on again ... durned thing was driving hail and rain into the garage door. lightning all over; cloud to cloud, cloud to ground. wild. wind so strong, it was spraying water through the garage door slits.

huge thunderstorm just came up overhead, taking power in and out. crackling. bye.

reuters: online fraud, as a percentage, is actually quite low. little child's voice: but you have to read through some *really scary big* numbers before you find that out ...

and, i happened to see a really big chunk of quartz:

now that's a big chunk of quartz.

during last evening's walk, at the top of a small peak, and seeing my house:

on top of one of the small hills, observing my house.

before last evening's walk (see the double?):

ever see an entire rainbow?


bbc: 'superfish' to feed folks faster? genetically modifying the tilapia. what a pain! i just discovered tilapia a couple of months ago. old bay seasoning, pan-fried in a little olive oil ... good. now i'll have to watch out for 'supertilapia.'

cnet: the lowest of the low. the least-selling books at amazon. maybe it could be a badge of honor?

global free press: u.s. backing away from the 'basel ban', designed to prevent dumping of toxic wastes in developing countries.

freshmeat: update to phplayersmenu, mentioned here a day or so ago.

with weblogs.com stuck on 9 a.m., don't forget linkwatcher.

well, looks like i'm writing two bid proposals tonight. could be worse; i could be as irq'd as massless.

etherage mini-keyboard for palms and handsprings. thanks, cam.

happy birthday to our favorite blogging archaeologist! and whaddaya get for an archaeologist's birthday, anyway? something old ...?


sunday times.uk: sins of the fathers. children of prominent nazis.

it's been a few years since i've been interviewing, but in the 90's it would take interviewing a half-dozen college-grad applicants to find one who could spell.

the guardian.uk: julie burchill, <a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,3604,537461,00.html">against university. interesting contrast to the extended adolescence of american colleges. (yo, man ... chug that beer!)

mac central: rack mount for portable macs.

bbc sci/tech: a link between birth defects and proximity to landfills.

vaults of parnassus: gomail, browser-based email client.

unix review: miscellaneous unix tips.

the australian: a nuke has been sitting around offshore georgia for forty-odd years. i linked a while ago to a government document listing all the 'stray nukes.' there are a lot more than this.

kuro5hin: the smithsonian's 'historywired' project.

the register: 2ghz pentium 4 coming august 27. another broiler?

the 'd programming language.'

cnet: palm to purchase be.

i'll have to post my tech links a bit later ... have to go out for a meeting. back soon.

santa fe new mexican: indian market is this weekend! native american artisans from all over set up under tents and awnings, all over downtown santa fe. no cars ... you *walk*, dude. i'll be there early saturday morning, digital camera in hand. maybe i'll get something interesting ...

ny times: planet system discovered with circular orbits.

gold miners are eager for a rollback in the clinton rules. mining is a dirty, exploitative process that leaves a wide swath of destruction ... both in acreage and in time. 80 tons of dirt to an ounce of gold? and how much cyanide is used to reach that amazingly productive number, hmmm? and this, on *our* public lands. my mantra: if they have money to mine, they have money to *clean up.*

i thought unsolicited faxing was a felony? just about every day i've been receiving junk on my fax. i'm going to have to look into a more serious response to this ... a six-pager is uncalled for. update: just called the offending faxer, and he claims if the fax number is 'supplied', then 'broadcast faxing is legal.' hmmph. i don't believe that one.

international herald tribune: bush gets low marks in europe.

reuters: viagra? no, maca.

reuters: trading barbs over the budget. two quotes here of interest. one: "... the economy is slowing down, which means that we have less projected money and that's why we need tax relief." supply-side (voodoo) economics. how many times do i have to say this? it didn't work during the reagan years; why on earth would it work now? and two: "they only way social security will be touched is if congress spends too much money." bush pushed through the tax cut, but congress will take the fall?

time: misleading numbers presented when considering the artic wildlife refuge drilling. only the buildings, the stanchions holding the pipes (but not the pipes themselves) ... "where equipment touches the ground". hmmm. as i mentioned previously, the entire world's population could fit in connecticut, if only taking up enough space to lie down in (7'*3'). in other words, say goodbye to the arctic national wildlife refuge. 2,000 acres? bah.

thursday, *already*? normally i'd welcome the impending weekend. in this case, it just means i have to redouble my efforts to get some stuff done ...