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100 best free web space providers.

salon: cnn in talks with rush limbaugh. if they drop this low, i'll drop cnn as a news source. permanently.

cnet: ibm drops amd chips in the u.s.

mac nn: the terrasoft 500 mhz g4 briq is now priced under $2,000. complete with yellow dog linux, fits into a half-height drive bay. cool.

cnn: nasa's solar plane. weird!

freshmeat: php layers menu, and nqxml (xml parser in ruby).

bsd today: using openbsd for dms and dhcp for a lab or home network.

tonight i am sad. don't know why; a great unspecified sadness. it'll pass. it's probably just too many cloudy days in a row, what with monsoon season full-on here in santa fe. i'm one of those who needs sunshine. i'm making a mental note to get outside in the sun those few times it breaks through ...

every now and then i see a post that's just too good not to answer ... yet to point to it would give it attention it doesn't deserve. i have to slap my hands, and let it go. walk away. i refuse to reward the unwise with any kind of traffic.

i've gotten quite spoiled by css; i'm helping a friend out with a site that's landed in their lap ... and it's table hell. 1 pixel gif's out the wazoo. blech. when i used to manage video productions, i'd buy toys for my assistants. a good outlet for frustrations. i miss that squeak-nose punch clown right about now ...

request for info: i'm thinking about doing a virtual private server with verio. anybody have any pros/cons? i hear you can run zope instances. email me.

santa fe new mexican: hey, we have an elderly bank robber on the run. indian market is this weekend, btw.

santa fe new mexican: energy exploitation of western lands. "nothing is really off-limits."

the texas observer: review of 'the bush dyslexicon.'

planet ebook: self-destructing texts.

ny observer: the met is getting the neighbors angry.

prospect: what is beauty?

global free press: states disturbed about patient's rights bill.

macnn: roxio teaches you how to 'burn mp3's legally.'

linux today: mandrake 8.0 for ppc ready for download.

freshmeat: skunkweb, a web app server programmed in python.

dpreview: samples from the ultra-fast nikon d-1h, and a new digital photography site opens.

kuro5hin: is work bad for you? depends.

infoworld: beware windows-to-linux migration myths.

cripes ... the phone's ringing off the hook today. postings as i can.

there was no chance to see the perseids. rain throughout the night. but on the bright side, the plants are happy.

yesterday, walking the 'parade of homes', there was a young girl with a huge rottweiler. she could barely keep the beast in control, and was scaring elderly and children alike. i told her to take the dog home, or i'd call the sheriff. for a moment, i thought she was going to let the dog loose on me (though it would have gone after the slower folks first). an elderly man commented to me, after she dragged the dog homeward ... "there's no difference between a kid having a dog like that and a kid carrying a loaded gun." good point. if the girl had tripped, or let go the leash, blood would have been spilt. no offense, dave. i found the comparison dead-on.

earthlink dsl's been sending me 'confirmation' messages that my broadband is installed. when it's not. and in a different area code. i've sent the email back twice, and now received an email that says "call our toll free number to clear this up." i call their (888) number ... "all representatives are busy with other customers, your call will be answered in ... 39 minutes." fuggedaboudit.