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doggone ... too much rain. cloudy tonight. no meteor watching this evening. rats, rats, rats.

i should've gone out on the bike or rollerblades today, but my left knee's a bit sore (hyperextension?). so i'll give it a rest, a wrap, and a little aspirin later on.

now i've got a pete's wicked in my hand, and i'm surfing around looking for newton utils for a bit. found a new backup battery right away, thanks to grant. everything's working just peachy so far. i'm no expert, but the old 120 seems as swift as the palm/handsprings i've tried out.

stopped by borders. they had 'programming python', the second edition, for 20% off list. i figured it'd beat amazon+shipping, so i coughed up the dough.

we ate dinner at the zia diner, out on the patio. i was fascinated by how the red tarpaulin overhead turned all the silverware red ...

zia diner,  outside, forks 'n' condiments.

zia diner,  outside, forks.

just got back from the santa fe 'parade of homes.' got some neat ideas for the house. it's always interesting to see what builders up to at the moment. some interesting combinations of tile, but the main trend was solid-hunk-of-stone countertops. no grout. one giant three inch thick slab. wow.

newton resources. grant's a host.

wait. some packages are still there! amazing. also, the box i found it in contained some hidden gold. some spare classical guitar strings! an old 'donnie and marie' tape i bought as a joke. i'm boppin' to 'deep purple' and "ain't nothing like the real thing, babe" ...

hey grant! the newton 120 booted right up. unbelievable. it didn't work a little while ago (three months?). it's empty, of course. but that's best, i guess. now, i have to dig around and find out how to maximize its utility ...

so that's about it, looks like. go out and do something active today. i'll catch ya on the flip side of the day.

note to guitarists: an update to the 'amazing slow-downer.'

times of india: negroponte arrives in india.

santa fe new mexican: it's late summer, and what's that smell? it's chile roasting season!

cnet: a tale of two athlons.

vaults of parnassus: gallery. generate image galleries with python.

yahoo: red hat e-commerce suite.

the register: how long has zdnet got? cnet needs profits; will the axe fall?

atlas of worldwide light pollution. predictable. did anyone think urban areas would be polluting *less*?

ny times: the mosquito, virtuoso of disease. glad i live in the desert. not much standing water about.

ny times: south carolina threatens to bar plutonium shipments. 'we'll process it, just you be sure to move it out when we're done.'

international herald tribune: eco-tech stocks poised to take off? looking for green energy.

cloudy, bright, and cool here in santa fe today. everywhere else has heat, but the desert, it seems ...

looks like an outage last night, too. hmmm.