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well, i was wrong. bush will approve limited stem cell research funding. his statement.

screwing around with b/w filters ...

nighthawk 750, noise, b-works filter.

congratulations, calebos.

"i guess that's all forever is ... one long trail of nows. and i guess all you can do is try and live one 'now' at a time without getting too worked up about the last now or the next now."
-- nicholas evans, the horse whisperer.

carnac makes the best biking shoes. not the cheapest; the best.

the scholtz rockman/power soak.

everyone's favorite pignose ...

marshallamps.com. it's all about the tubes, babe.

"i view technology as a friend -- there's no use messing around with enemies."
-- jeff beck

understanding vo2max.

creation vs. evolution.

xml.com: introduction to xml data signatures.

our back courtyard area, complete with sun, thunderstorms and roses. oh, and st. francis, if you can spot him.

backyard with sun, rain and roses.

simple things for simple minds, i guess (grin). that's me.

follow me here mentions the crow, and the magpie ... making me think of the spanish name for magpie, 'urraca'. oo-rraka. roll the "r's". i love to say it.

via my referrer logs: google search for 'great male butt.' i'm #19. i can die happy now, i guess. but how come juliette binoche and julia ormond aren't beating my door down ...?

bbc sci/tech: plants colonized the land (vs. the sea) much earlier than previously thought.

salon.com: gore vidal joins the black helicopter crowd. i've enjoyed his books, but one would never say he wasn't opinionated.


bah. stupidity. on to other, better things.

if you didn't know, macromedia flash 5 does content management. it can dynamically load html text, and has quite a set of xml tools.

zope.org: using css with zope, a how-to. making content management more efficient, in case you didn't know. or you just arrived from the tundra.

reuters: discount sales up in july; malls empty. what's more interesting is the effect of tax rebate checks. a brief bouy, spent mostly on tv's, dvd players, cameras. not essentials, by any stretch of the imagination. which reinforces the theory that this federal outlay has been squandered.

msnbc: salon.com cheats death.

maccentral: strata studiopro will soon be able to export to flash ...

later: it does beg the question, however ... are 'real practical businesspople' all republicans?

just got an interesting phone call! it seems tom delay is canvassing for some sort of 'new business initiative' to drum up support for president bush and the republican party. 'we need real practical businesspeople like yourself to participate.' they offered me all kinds of things ... a signed letter from mr. delay ['worthy of hanging in your place of business'], press releases to the local paper. i'd have an opportunity to talk to 'congressional decision-makers'. got to listen to a nice tape of mr. delay calling for 'real people' to participate in government. then, the operator came back on the phone and said pushing responsible spending policies through, with the democrats in charge of the senate, would be very difficult. for an opportunity like this, would i cough up $300 to $500 dollars? at that point, i felt it was incumbent upon me to interrupt the flow of salesmanship, and let the operator know i was a democrat. "oh my god, there must be a mistake on the lists! thank you for your time ... goodbye!" our government, at work. if i'd had $300 free to waste, i might have said yes, just to see what might go on ...

sunday times: running away from civilization and comfort. i would argue that biologically we are not designed for sitting around, or existing in non-challenging environments. television is not a replacement for hunting/gathering ... (grin) ...

calendarlive: modernizing flamenco. some of the new adaptations are more 'riverdance' than flamenco, that's for sure. if you're ever in santa fe during the late summer, go check out the maria benitez troupe. a small room, one guitarist, one cantaore, four to six dancers, no air conditioning. get a front table; you'll get soaked in sweat ... but you'll never regret the experience. for a brief time, there was a travelling show called 'flamenco andalus;' i hope they can find the financing to do it again. they had some *rare* talent travelling the u.s. listen to real flamenco music first, though. i've found its not for everybody. get a camaron de la isla record. if it touches a place inside you, go for it.

ny post: st. clare is the patron saint of television.

financial times: the santa fe opera has had a very successful 'transfer of power.' my impression is, they've opened the facility to other, non-opera performances a bit more than in the past. but it seems the opera itself, remains at a very high level. good.

faz: a photographic record of nazi loot.

xmlhack: smil 2 to recommendation, xhtml+smil profile.

how stuff works: how strong are the magnets in an mri?

microsoft code red removal page.

osdn: open source database summit in september, providence, rhode island.

freshmeat: zypopyda, a postgresql adapter for zope.

kuro5hin: wireless ethernet totally insecure.

international php 2001 conference.

computer news daily: flat panel monitors are not for everyone. motion is not good, and any visual artist will tell you color matching is a nightmare. move 5 degrees out of the prime viewing range with a nice orange color on the screen and see what happens.

sfgate: code red takes down microsoft's hotmail servers.

santa fe new mexican: yesterday's rainstorm made the front page. usually some overeager s.u.v. owner tries to cross an arroyo and gets carried downstream; not this time. rats.

ny times op-ed: stampede to cloning. anyone else noticed that the ny times editorials are no longer as meticulously written as in previous years? still, this hits the spot.

ny times: bush to announce stem cell decision tonight. i will go out on a limb and bet he turns it down. remember, this is only for federal funding, not a ban on embryonic stem cell research. as opposed to adult stem cells, embryonic ones are amazingly adaptable. research in this vein could cure a host of diseases ... including the leukaemia that killed my father. i'm for it. bush has had no photo ops with those who would most benefit, so i think this is a safe bet.

international herald tribune: let us sing of vanished birds.

international herald tribune: and the u.n. has been asked to broker talks about human cloning.

reuters: paris and berlin press for human cloning ban. better than ban, set a minimum standard of success in animals that has to be reached before the first human experiment.

reuters: anti-microbial plastic for new teva sandals. teva's get ripe, there's no doubt about it. mine get regular baths in an antibacterial cleaner. makes you wonder, though, about general foot health with these contraptions ...

reuters: daschle lashes out at the bush administration for 'abdicating u.s. leadership.' i think i fault the bush administration most for walking away without proposing any alternatives. the 'my way or the highway' school of diplomacy is littered with corpses ... and it's not enough just to say 'things are irretrievably broken.'

cnn: china wants to choose the next dalai lama. once upon a time, we had two popes, too.

seems like folks enjoyed some of those shots last night. i have a whole sequence of driving through santa fe; maybe i'll post 'em when i have some time.