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hilly fire road, sun going down. crank, dude. i'm a happy man. what's next? making rice krispie treats ... of course.

a one bottle ride.

now, should i setup another mysql table, or get on my mountain bike? no contest. where're my bib shorts ...

reuters: theglobe.com to close its website. apparently it was their 606% return on ipo that sparked the dotcom bubble.

bbc world news: biden and the foreign relations committee may try to block missile defense.

dpreview: updated nikon coolpix 995 review. production unit.

commentext.org. same questions keep coming up over and over?

oh man ... just had a blast of memory. we'd been up for 50 some hours, in some nameless city, in a cold, dark ballroom. rehearsing another monotone corporate speaker; it's two a.m., we're wrapped in blankets to ward off the a/c chill ... when someone on headsets (we're all wearing them) starts singing the traveling wilburys "end of the line." we all chimed in, with various shades of death-rattles. just awful singing. but it kept us awake. i'm still laughing. i guess you had to be there.

global free press: inside the sweat shops of los angeles. for some reason, that made me think of missing persons' 'nobody walks in l.a.' ...

macromedia sitespring is released. just received an email.

ny times: i missed this: reagan's men, reappointed to oversee latin american policy.

international herald tribune: critics wary of g8 summit ideas for the poor.

mozilla 0.93 still won't render the zope interface properly. mozilla's problem, or zope's css? i'll have to look at the source code.

reuters: u.n. examines u.s. record on race for the first time. don't forget the native americans, please.

sorry. listening to mozart's "requiem" while working again. sends the mind off to strange places.

"lovers, if they knew how, might utter
strange things in night air. since it seems
everything hides us. look, trees exist; houses,
we live in, still stand. only we
pass everything by, like an exchange of air.
and all is at one, in keeping us secret, half out of
shame perhaps, half out of inexpressible hope."
-- rilke, second elegy.

some days, everything seems to be changing. sometimes it seems overwhelming. one has to learn to be comfortable while the world turns on its axis; nothing ever stays the same. the secret to life is 'enjoying the journey.' when a plateau is reached, there's another journey beckoning ... you just have to have eyes to see the route and ears to hear the call. living is being 'a good traveler.'

santa fe new mexican: our 'daredevil' governor. he plans to ride a balloon in a distance race, during the albuquerque balloon fest.

santa fe new mexican: limiting growth by dehydration. even at present, you can't build unless you can prove 100 years' supply of water.

chris macgregor, publisher of flazoom.com, sent me a note about an article on his site. don't forget a patently obvious usability enhancer. actually, this was a timely little email. i'm playing with the flash/xml interactions for an upcoming project.

hal, you'll do great today. i'll put my fetish bear in the sun for you (facing him east is good luck).

webgraphics. via bump.

times of india: russia may resume ties with north korea. haven't seen this in american news sources yet. important read, folks.

firstthings: the seductions of socrates. i would also say his chroniclers reflected the best and most curious parts of themselves on socrates' character.

toronto star: digital effects have become boring. i agree. in the hyperactive pursuit of 'realism', they've lost their audience. digital effects were more pleasing in the past, because they *weren't* anything we could imagine. they weren't able to approach reality, so they came up with the surreal. much more entertaining. later: thinking further, i believe this is the reason why every 3d artist loves bryce. you can create landscapes and things that look *more inviting* than 'reality.' it's addicting.

the new republic: rare medium. video isn't film. i bet anyone could tell you that. each is a brush; the artist should choose his tools according to the subject.

kumo: topic maps.

the guardian.uk: so long, american work culture.

mac central: if you're near south carolina, break out the plastic. a 'sales tax holiday' starts today. pennsylvania's also having one.

webreview: xslt basics, designing for usability on a shoestring.

wired: the science of selling images.

macnn: xml toolkit 2.0.

i, cringeley: the death of tcp/ip.

cnn: niki taylor re-hospitalized. she has a long road ahead in recovery. i wish her well.

freshmeat: xhtmlpp, phpletterit.

the register: objective criticism.

the register: internet explorer six coming august fifteenth.

mozilla: 0.93 released, and supposedly more stable than netscape communicator 4.78. that's a threshold to celebrate; i'll try it out, then start advocating it to my clients.

ny times: let's hear it for caring citizens. two guys from a local dive shop search the river, and recover most of the dinosaur tracks the boy scouts wantonly defaced.

ny times: the return of al gore.

ny times: core democratic split over energy policy. environmentalists vs. organized labor. lovely.

ny times: prince charles fell off his polo pony.

it'll take a minute or two. got a lizard looking at me, his pose reminds me of those old mythology flicks. he's crawled in under the door; i just have to chase him out.

morning meetings again. posts coming.