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data conversion tools.

cnet: directtv to offer broadband service. supplied by hughes; there go the bandwidth restriction warning bells.

osopinion: fud marketing, as perfected by microsoft.

yeah, but dan ... a shaman told me the raven is my 'power animal.' besides, it might come knocking on my chamber door ...

once again, someone kindly dropped this in my referrers ... daily zen.

reuters: prozac pez. that's not to say prozac isn't a good drug; it's just prescribed indiscriminately, and that circumstance will probably increase now.

make a weblog with flash and xml ... if you know portugese (i think).

santa fe new mexican: transplanting big horn sheep to their original range in new mexico.

zope component architecture project.

a dubious honor. someone webwashes this site. i guess because i use such pornographic terms as 'cogitate' ... via my referrer logs.

freshmeat: php-gtk.

freemcowen.com. i feel sorry for him, and think a felony conviction is way overkill, but i also think it's not appropriate to install this particular program on someone else's computers. just because you work with them, doesn't mean they're *yours*.

mediachance, some interesting items for digital camera users. some free. b/works is a very fast way to create many different black and white effects; faster than photoshop. they're all presets, but that's ok.

the british natural history museum website.

the art newspaper: france will set aside funds to preserve ancient sites.

the globe and mail: who says art has to 'scandalise'?

kumo: japanese woodblock prints.

linux today: debian multimedia distribution.

infoworld: desktop linux doesn't sell. dell.

freshmeat: an update to gutenpalm.

new scientist: the safedisc anti-pirating feature generates square waves. they'd better label those cd's ... i won't put one in *my* sound system, thank you. new scientist is down, here's the link at kuro5hin.

the register: two open-source .net clones.

the register: mwah-hah-HAH. bug-free quark. yeah right. quark has to get this one right (remember the rollout of 4?), otherwise gobs of designers will do the indesign competitive upgrade.

nature: pi slinging.

osopinion: good imacs don't leave.

global free press: 36 democrats in the house voted along with the republicans to approve drilling in the arctic. take names, let them know how you feel. a lot of texans, there.

metafilter: we are some kind of fat.

versiontracker: update to macsql.

another op-ed, on the poor deal the patient's rights initiative has turned out to be. putting caps on litigation ... imagine if through ineptitude, a physician turned you into a quadriplegic (admittedly a stretch, but possible). what is that worth, and would *you* want a cap of say, $250,000 on it? that'll do you for a year.

a new york times op-ed on north korea and the bush administration.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe's still a bit behind in precip for the year. yeah, but we had a good one yesterday evening ...

reuters: weavers in india use a lot of condoms. but not for what you might think.

reuters: the republicans offer an alternative to kyoto.

cnn: fly to australia, get sprayed with pesticides while you're on board.

i *am* disappointed to see the house approve arctic drilling ... let's hope the senate can kill it.

a raven perched on the roof this morning, waking me up with the most raucous 'clacking' sound. sounded like someone was banging our door with a stick.