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i forgot to mention earlier today ... splorp's newton is back online. and you can leave a message.

really, i'm just looking for an excuse to get a nikon d1x ... (grin).

if i could wait a week, i'd do photocd; nearest one is colorado. but it just takes too long.

i often wonder, can anyone do proper slide scans? we seem to have a slew of outfits in santa fe that can't scan their way out of a paper bag. i get blurry, overcontrast and miserably exposed scans back. and my deadline is tomorrow. just spent the last three hours trying to make chicken salad out of chicken ... well, you know.

koolmoves makes flash animations in windows without needing macromedia flash. but the cheese ... if you click the link, you're on your own. i wash my hands of the whole thing ...

metafilter: oh yeah. here's an lp record for your collection.

the standard: what's on katherine harris' hard drive?


new statesman: case in point. children of divorce, idealogical pawns?

kuro5hin: victimhood. a pet peeve of mine, modern psychology rarely deals with people as 'survivors', only as 'victims'. disempowering.

thunderstorms started early today; it's been difficult to work. thunder started at 11 a.m., then had to turn off the machines at 1 for an hour or two, because the blasted lightning was coming down all around. i have a battery backups, line conditioners and surge supressors ... but in wild new mexican lightning, i prefer to power everything down.

someone keeps putting nice things in my referrer logs. thanks. here's the latest: pbs.org, the american experience, war letters.

chicago tribune: this was *completely* predictable. files erased from florida ballot records, damaging election review.

global free press: controversy over 'slave free' labels on chocolate. keep the labels, clean up the industry.

bbc sci/tech: most complete titanosaur skeleton discovered.

linux hardware database: motherboards superguide. grab an athlon and go. link fixed. sorry!

santa fe new mexican: a local development, rancho viejo, wants to try the 'inject wastewater into the ground' routine. didn't realize it was already being done in other parts of the country ...

back to our normal program ...

read it all yet? i have a quiz prepared ... just kidding. but seriously, i'm beginning to have second thoughts about this missile defense thing. i don't want just *anyone* aiming their 'taepo dong' in my general direction ...

the north korea advisory group's report to the house of representatives. good god. we help them, they threaten us. based on previous military strategy, it would seem the n.m.d. is not for actual defense, but to prevent north korea from attempting 'nuclear blackmail.'

when we talk about rogue nations, let's be specific, thanks to mr. rumsfeld: "then on august 31st, north korea launched a taepo dong I missile. the missile test demonstrated important aspects of intercontinental missile development, including multiple stage separation, and unexpectedly included the use of a third stage. the taepo dong I test was another, stronger indicator that the United States in fact will face a rogue nation missile threat to our homeland against which we will have to defend the american people." spend the time to read the report, from 1998. they now have developed a more powerful taepo dong II, that can reach seattle.

a nice animation halfway down the page here on missile defense. note they illustrate mirv decoys.

combat effectiveness of the patriot missile system. arguably the 'poster boy' of missile defense. it was 70% effective in saudi arabia, and 50% in israel, and it only kills a missile in the 'terminal' phase. wear a helmet, in other words. here's a quote: "in a conventional war a scud missile landing in the desert or the sea instead of a populated city is acceptable. however, if that same scud is armed with nuclear materials, then relying on a patriot as a from of defense may indeed be quite foolish." i wonder what my canadian readers think of *that* statement!

to clear up some missile defense misconceptions, a chronology of missile defense development. fascinating. here's the prose history, a recommended read.

just got an email from a friend, explaining a scheme to strike back at junk mail. take those prepaid envelopes, and stuff them with *other* junkmail, and send them back on the company's dime. sounds like a fun time-waster.

the register: looks like the dot-com casualty rate is flattening. the shakeout's over.

cnet/reuters: artists and scientists chime in for dmitry.

faz: selling germany's protected national treasures.

yahoo news: french archaeologist wins apology from tomb raider game developers.

macnn: xlr8 cuts processor upgrade prices.

the register: aol uk is exempt from paying tax?

daemonnews: tuning a freebsd box for high performance, and implementing security in freebsd.

global free press: the media, and america have abandoned working folk.

earthwebdeveloper: higher screen resolutions! no more 640x480?

bbc: the raising of the kursk hits a snag. hmmm. i wouldn't want to be cutting into a vehicle that has live ordnance ...

bbc sci/tech: scientists grow heart cells.

mac central: anastasia, an xml publication system.

xmlhack: new css3 fonts module.

webreference: ie's print templates.

o'reilly: php's encryption functionality.

securityfocus: about hogwash.

freshmeat: phpbb, a php bulletin board.

dpreview: a digital image recovery service. like drivesavers, they'll salvage your compactflash or other media.

the register: net 'misuse' costs corporations $2,000 a second. okay, that's it. let's go back to typewriters and slide rules ...

ny times: republicans drumming up support for arctic drilling. 'break the backs of radical environmentalists'? i'm sorry, but trading fuel efficiency standards for arctic drilling is *no deal*. do you think we are idiots? call your congressperson, today, and tell them to stop sniffing the methane. here we talk about 'missile defense', what about emergency fuel reserves in case of catastrophe or attack? if we use all our native resources *now*, for no good reason, where will we go looking for it in the future? the arctic is a drop-dead last resort, and should be kept for future generations. i would prefer that it never get drilled, but i'm a pragmatist. humankind's greed will never be denied. but at least, put it away for our grandchildren.

ny times: the b-1 bomber is hard to kill. the b-1 was a landmark in military/political shenanigans. every piece of the bomber's manufacture was farmed out to different political constituencies, in order to get broad congressional approval. a seat in alabama, a tire in texas ... it creates jobs! ... no wonder it's hard to kill.

ny times: g.e. must dredge the hudson to rid it of pcb's. good. [this section is where my dutch ancestors used to farm (rensselaer) when they first came from the netherlands.]

international herald tribune: scalpel safaris. are people nuts?

reuters: the hound convention. on the moors ... is that enough of a hint?

cnn: football player dies of heat stroke. i can't help think there are other mitigating factors. years ago, i went out in the heat, knowing i had a fever, and ended up getting three bags of saline iv'd into me. if you know the signs of heat stroke, it's easy to be safe. the quotes of body temp here can make anyone paranoid. try taking the temperature of a bicyclist or a runner as they're working out some time. temps can run so high one would believe you're cooking your brains ... but the difference is that under normal exercise, your temperature recovers.

looked in the mirror, saw bloodshot eyes ... and began to whistle the theme from 'the adams family' ... too much work last night, not enough relax.