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thanks to backpacker magazine, i can make our resident nurse/gourmand blanch. 'burgundy wine powder' for flavoring. two other flavors.

just as an aside: 'marketing' to me has always meant convincing people to purchase goods and services they don't necessarily need. in other words, i sprained my ankle with my p.f. flyers, and am still upset about it ... (grin) ...

*snort* ... 'total cost of ownership.' marketing-speak. software and hardware costs pale in comparison to the cost of the learning curve and actual use. like the old p.f. flyers slogan, "run faster, jump higher." doesn't matter. everyone markets. but i will give zope a plug: i can ftp a client's existing site into zope and begin to strategically break out content ... without the site ever going down. or, i can pull whole sections out, fire up bbedit and grep search-and-replace, add persistent includes, and change great swaths of items in minutes ... ftp back into zope, without breaking a sweat, and without having to fool with the damned clunky browser interface and slow net connections. because zope allows you to ftp, you can use it as you would any other online host (ftp and serve files), or you can integrate just about any amount of automation you wish (zeo). as a small shop, zope gives me the ability to maintain a wide array of pricing and services; i can offer high end solutions, yet compete over price with the small boutique shops. i have *no* design limitations as a consequence of choosing zope. imho, too many shops invest in high-priced solutions, then foist them off on everyone ... fitting square pegs into round holes on a regular basis. they not only have to pay attention to 'tco', but the intangibles ... investment in learning curve, maintaining trained employees in a proprietary environment, etc. for my business, i made the decision that learning python and various sql implementations was a better way to go, removing some of the proprietary onus. if zope ever goes belly up, i'm left with a knowledge investment i can still use, and is recognizable to just about any headhunter or corporate hiring department. your mileage may vary ... just my 0.02 cents.

careful there, andrea. you've got direct current over there in europe, as i understand. that can give a nasty shock and burn. whenever a plug-in device goes bad, chances are the wires the insulation have parted wherever the wire bends ... usually just inside the plastic handle. you have to be able to disassemble the entire device, just to be safe. i'm impressed, however ... our resident mathematician's resourceful. we should all chip in and send her a set of torx drivers ...

collaborative weblogging via onclave.

btw, here's that article about the missile test. via follow me here.

good lord ... someone was searching for 'drinking absorbine jr.' and found this site. unless you want to commit suicide, *don't*. if you have already drunk it, get to an emergency room or poison control center *now*.

globe and mail: i'm an online bookseller's worst nightmare.

industry standard: renting music, instead of buying. can e-texts be far behind this strange idea?

ny times: lance armstrong takes the tour de france for the third time. also, the third fastest time (behind his own previous finish, and marco pantani's).

cnn: the china-tibet railway.

kuro5hin: portugal de-criminalises drug use. splitting the social problem vs. criminal problem hairs ...

roswell daily record: cholla cactus a pain the mouth ... for cows. and here i was just going to chop mine back ... now i'll have to containerize it and dump it.

chicago tribune: putting the u.s. above global cooperation. the white house is hosting 'amateur night' in the foreign policy office?

global free press: america is leading the way on the values of democratic liberalism. an interesting read, from britain.

missed a couple of kumo's: show me your metadata, and rdf fest.

cnet: four seasons hotel chain will offer wireless 'net access.

xmlhack: soap::lite heavy with new features.

webref: email forms in php.

ibm developerworks: pippy, python for the palm os. a subset, not a full port.

mozillaquest: first look at openlinux workstation 3.1.

ananova: a vandal who de-ears fiberglass sheep ... ?

blogdex. top ten links in the 'blogger' community? i feel snubbed.

linuxtoday: koffice for linux/unix. release candidate.

freshmeat: functional php extension.

the register: enhanced mobile pentium 3's.

securiteam: lycos search engine html parsing vulnerability. other search engines?

postings as i have time. i see in the news that the 'successful missile test' used a light beam or other such device to 'call' the interceptor to the missile. i can understand the experiment, but it's not worth crowing about the success. that's a bit disingenuous, to say the least.

plus, preparing for a small photo shoot (film, this time). sometimes it's nice to heft a big 35 ...

meetings, then a 'supply run' to get stuff for specific output i have to do over the next couple of days.

okay, so i'm a little late. cut me some slack, hmmm?