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el pachuco! buy a zoot suit. if we ever have a weblog get-together, i'll wear one of these ...

times of india: and you think the n.r.a. is bad. actually, they are. noone needs assault weapons outside of the military. just as i don't want a neighbor with a pit bull, i *really* don't want a neighbor with a kalashnikov ... do you?

i wonder how many of us webloggers are starved of methods of expression. that could explain the fade-in, fade-out cycles. for instance, as people or friends allow one to express one's thoughts and feelings, there's less weblogging. as they fade away, more weblogging takes place.

the economist: pro-legalisation of drugs. surprising ... but then again, it's an opinion piece. reading this, i can't help remembering some kids in junior high walking in reeking of listerine ... drinking it to get a buzz. gawd, i couldn't imagine being that bored with life ...

bbc sci/tech: saving florida's coral reefs. last time i was in florida, i broke my toe jogging on the beach ... slammed it into a coral head. dead coral littered the beaches. (hollywood, florida).

vaults of parnassus: introduction to python for pascal programmers (in german).

new hardware reviews at serialaddiction.

freshmeat: mod_survey, xweb.

kuro5hin: are cameras watching you? a friend mentioned those little cameras that seem to have popped up on traffic lights, saying they were surveillance. i have to confess, i thought that was a little paranoid. i figured they were purely methods for traffic detection, seeing as most traffic-sensing devices are based on world war 2 mine and metal detection. it makes sense to me that they're simply a cheaper way to sense traffic ... you don't have to tear up the road. well, for all my deep thinking (sans evidence), maybe i'm wrong ...

reptile. screenshots. "a personal and distributed portal."

santa fe new mexican: it's spanish market weekend in santa fe. with the three cultures in town (caucasian, hispanic, native american), it's time for hispanos to hoot and holler, and be proud of their heritage.

santa fe new mexican: gas prices can be more than 30 cents cheaper, just 60 miles away.

ny times op-ed: where there is no vision, the people perish. by not playing on the global field, we are hurting ourselves. we do not exist in a vacuum; as that times of india article from yesterday points out, anthony lewis' comments here are not far off base. if words can elicit such response, how much more eloquent are actions (or lack thereof)?

ny times: whitman considers fiddling with the clean air act. simplify paperwork, yes. reduce regulation? please, no.

ny times: in spite of helmet use, bicycle head injuries soar. they need to break down the data further. i'd like to see neck injuries vs. head trauma. helmets can serve as a fulcrum, snapping the neck. i wear a helmet, but i also know how to fall. i've had a lot of practice ...

reuters: barring a tangle, armstrong has this year's tour tied up. the focus is now on the sprinters. go zabel!

reuters: with about $72,000 in plastic surgery, you too can be ms. world.

reuters: pentagon considers 'space bomber.'

thanks to the handful of people who've emailed! your support and good wishes helped a great deal.

it's the weekend, and i've got a lot of things to get done. see you later ... and have a great saturday!