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'course, i have a soft spot for the k2 girvin crosslink ... 199. i have a non-suspension hoo-hoo-e-koo, and this shouldn't alter the front geometry as much as a 'conventional' fork ...

supergo's closing out judy suspension forks ... 149? wow.

ny times: another judgment of president bush in europe. do i detect guarded optimism? can't be.

salon: robert ballard, finder of titanic.

cheetah, the python-powered template engine.

ny times: even 30 minutes of exposure to second-hand smoke is harmful.

whoo boy ... check out the albuquerque journal front page. click on a link, see what happens. if this is the future, count me out.

btw, i'm still having problems with weblogs.com picking up my updates ... but linkwatcher is doing fine. just fyi.

the times of india: staph aureus beats newest antibiotic in less than a year. if your doctor prescribes vancomycin, ask him why.

the new yorker: 'java man', how caffeine created our modern world. a very entertaining read. f.d.r. was the grandson of a 'drug lord'?

industry standard: dickens and copyright. important points here. please, sir, may i have some more?

sunday times.uk: did gaugin slice off van gogh's ear? i love theories like this. two guys, too much alcohol ... and lethal weapons.

santa fe new mexican: finally, a settlement from the shuttlejack bus crash that caused two deaths. if you don't recall the story, be warned. if your child's school system is leasing buses for school trips, do yourself a favor and check the rep of the bus charter company ... even to the point of demanding to see the repair records of the buses to be used. yes, they're *that* negligent.

santa fe new mexican: looks like the famed 'taos hum' moved to kokomo, indiania ...

ny times letters to the editor: mental health insurance, time for parity. in our increasingly stressed-out existence, this is certainly needed. most insurance policies cap mental health care costs at a very low level. maybe doing this will prevent family physicians from prescribing prozac like m&m's ... for most, a pill and a pat on the back just doesn't cut it.

the register: teoma, rival to google?

kumo: h4xors speak out.

webmonkey: using oracle with php.

linux.com: building a linux server appliance.

ibm developerworks: transitioning from windows to linux.

zdnet eweek: apache has a solid security record.

zdnet: seventeen years old and state-of-the art? how linux can make an old box new, and usable, again.

freshmeat: update to beowulf.

kuro5hin: lots of good discussions to look into. here's one: thomas jefferson and the dmca. though, the 'founding fathers' get almost as many conflicting interpretations as the bible ...

cnn: another piece of history found. the hms hood.

too much going on; not enough time.