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reuters: mysterious unidentified object spotted over east coast. meteor?

depressing when you run down to the corner store, after a long hot day, and the lettuce is more wilted than you are ...

there's a thunderstorm forming right overhead; now, do i turn off the computers, or sit tight? hmmmm. speaking of which, just installed zope 2.4, and i now have an 'online' backup of dangerousmeta! over at dangerous.hn.org. the url will only be up when dangerousmeta.com is down. that is, when i *realize* it's down. sorry for the inconveniences. it seems i was down this morning; can anyone verify that? my stats show a distinct dead period early this morning.

it's *hot* today.

ny times: the politics of ethanol. look at the subsidies! how can anyone tell if ethanol's a benefit, or just another pork barrell get-rich-quick scheme?

international herald tribune: amazon.com: was it only a mirage?

washington post: laser jumbo jets.

moby lives: who cares about bestseller lists, anyway? diving through some bestsellers over the last couple of weeks, i have to say ... many bestsellers could have been written in your average high school. high school of *my* era. don't know about today.

ny times: john mortimer remains tireless. not just rumpole of the bailey either, old darlings ...

ny times: the science of pop-under ads.

bbc world: compromise enables kyoto pact. a symbol; shakey as it is. the world moves ahead without the united states.

webreference: creating dhtml apps.

newsforge: digital creations renamed, zope 2.4 released.

linuxplanet: the digital millenium rape act.

note to self: dig through zopenewbies today.

lots of work to accomplish today; postings will be sporadic.

took some time off yesterday; hope you didn't mind.