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ananova/archaeology: the oracle of delphi may have been high on natural gas.

foreign policy: to be an industrial complex watchdog. can certification and watchdog groups enforce (what i will call) morals on corporations?

reuters: budget surplus shrinks in june. down by almost half.

reuters: the photo says it all. i throw fire extinguisher, you shoot me twice with a 9mm parabellum. that's eye-for-an-eye, yup.

python 2.1.1.

buy yourself a set of bagpipes. and look around. this store has more musical instruments than i've ever seen elsewhere.

the foundation trilogy; notes, articles and links.

a new phpbuilder article! cross-platform and portable development with php.

washington times: just to give equal time, a conservative view of current u.s. foreign policy. 'widening the gap.' it is interesting reading, imho. it's the first time i've seen a more conservative viewpoint put into prose i can understand. this explains the 'why', something the bush administration has failed to get across.

washington post: what's cheney hiding? ah, the washington post has a clipping file, too. i'm gratified to see the media finally using their brains, and their resources, rather than restating platitudes. once again, the republicans set new ground rules during the clinton term of office. now we all have to play by them. withholding info cannot help but seem disingenuous, especially for a non-military function. where is the harm? we pay your salaries, we buy energy. we have a right to know.

newsforge: open source directory available to all in xml format.

santa fe new mexican: 'our lady of guadalupe' will probably stay in place until the end of its run.

velonews: lance armstrong continues his march to the yellow jersey. jan ullrich is now four minutes down.

reuters: north korea responds to our antiballistic missile tests. let there be no doubt; even before we've scrapped the treaty, we've started a new arms race. i figure perth, australia is about the safest place to spend the rest of my life ... it's not downwind of anyplace, and it's unlikely to be a target ...

reuters: a very badly failed driving test. i will admit, when first learning to drive, i nailed a fence post ... raking the side of my father's station wagon. i confused the brake and gas pedals.

ever get one of those people on the phone, first thing in the morning, who can talk like a machine gun? i'm just processing 'good morning', and they're light years into their next subject ...

the register: compaq beats dell to market with 1 ghz athlon 4 laptop.

irish times: tragic youth in america. spoiled rotten?

independent.uk: women and older buyers 'intimidated' by record shops. hmmm. wrong answer. most record shops i go into, the background music is so loud, and not of a genre that anyone over sixteen would enjoy. women and the elderly tend to avoid aural assaults (generalization), more so than single-minded males. i find i don't shop either ... silence is often preferable. and why not? everyone's got headphones for cd previewing anyway ...

nytimes: "end federal subsidies to pagans." idiotic.

maccentral: internet explorer 5.1 to come with update to os x.

kuro5hin: a philosophy of perpetual existence.

zope.org: cookie user folder.

kumo: some perl to go with that smile ...

webreference: features of internet explorer 6.

bbc world: did coke hire death squads? ah, you think corporations behave badly in the u.s. ... they're even more compassionate over 'others' ...

webreview: pythonworks pro 1.2.

netbsd 1.5.1.

smh.au: divorce, digitally.

linux programming: blackadder beta for python and ruby development on windows and linux.

ny times: now *here's* an ugly-american article. travelling to paris to visit disney.

ny times: i see tom daschle has a clipping file, too. the republican congress certainly set the tone during the last administration ... it's interesting to see how many jumped on mr. daschle's back, while paying no attention to their own previous behavior. it should be obvious, internationally, that mr. bush does not have american consensus on many of his policies.

thank goodness it's friday.