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just about this whole thread on 'ugly americans' on metafilter is interesting. but in reference to santa fe, i think it's the 'turista' mind in general. we get brash, loud texans (gee, that's slicker than cow slobber off a brass doorknob, huh?); we get priss californians (i really enjoyed the stagecoach ride, dear, but did the horses have to ... well ... you-know-what while we were riding?). but my favorite is the hopefully-dressed middle-aged tourist (picture crisp white shorts and brand new reebok walking sneakers, socks pulled up to the knees), intending to 'do' santa fe ... they start at the beginning of canyon road early on saturday, and proceed to jog through every single gallery (over a hundred) in the course of a day. they bull through, shoving others out of their way, being rude to gallery personnel, spend no more than a second looking at any one piece of art. hey, they've 'seen' it, right? that's all that counts. god forbid you should only look at one really *nice* piece, and 'miss' something ...

thanks to rick saenz, center for the study of great ideas. related: reading lists for the semester at st. john's college.

think i need to put some new quotes up? durn, it's about time ...

just thinking: it's a shame that you have to lose something to really appreciate it. if we lost our propane buses in santa fe, and replaced them with diesels ... we would be able to tell the difference immediately. too bad major metropolitan areas won't go all-propane for public transport and delivery vehicles ... you'd see an immediate difference. don't waste time with idle talk; demonstrate. i wish you no schmutz very soon.

one wonders how anyone can argue that mankind is having a significant impact on climate. unfortunately, cutting emissions is entwined with economies, population, religion ... there are no black-and-whites, no 'simple' answers. no easy ways out. we have to work our way through it, together. but without a clear *benefit*, only negatives, it is going to be a difficult sell. we need a way for the layman to measure results ... everyone's noticed the differences in local climates; how can we recognize that emissions controls are working?

new statesman: how long have we got? excerpt:

"current CO2 concentrations are close to 400ppm, well above the pre-industrial level. without a significant reduction in emissions, they will reach the doubling of pre-industrial levels that most climate scientists regard as threatening to human well-being by 2030. each year of delay in agreeing to reduce emissions shifts the level at which concentrations can be stabilised, and until that point is reached there is no chance of restabilising the climate. this makes climate change an issue without precedent in international affairs. the clock really is ticking on the success or failure of these negotiations."

new statesman book review: the ape and the sushi master, cultural reflections by a primatologist. i was fascinated to find out (not at this link), that chimpanzees are more closely related genetically to homo sapiens than apes.

new statesman: bill gates plans to deep-freeze the bettman archive 200 feet below ground.

utne reader: preaching green gospel. christianity and environmentalism; as per usual, it all depends on who is doing the bible interpretations ...

polykarbon: drawing manga/anime. too cool.

reuters: bush says he is not isolationist. i happen to agree with mr. daschle. when you stand in the middle of the sandbox, and say "i want you all to play *my* way; i'll listen to your comments, but i insist i'm right" ... that individual finds himself playing the game all by himself. the others have moved on.

freshmeat: thumbnails. administer image sites.

the times of india: u.s. and india may forge closer military ties. and where is that in american news sources you ask ...?

ananova: ibm aims to keep you awake while driving. it asks questions and expects answers ...

my favorite link today, thanks to an old chum: www.weirdnj.com. if you love new jersey, check it out. gravity roads!

phplens has launched!

the register: desktop x for windows. the features of object desktop look very cool.

the independent.uk: the war of the baskervilles. black shuck.

international herald tribune: the russian hacker/adobe e-book case is more complex than what it appears.

la weekly: artists and their rights. "these are weird, potentially dangerous people who often care less about money than is acceptable."

playing with the demo of revolution ...

linux journal: a linux programming book for beginners.

bbc sci/tech: for john, reverse-engineering a jurassic chicken. "yeah, clem, mah archaeopteryx outlays my buff orpingtons ..."

inside.com's rss feed today: "they finally carried through with their promise of switching to pay-to-read, so this feed is no longer. sorry!"

webref: converting dtd's into xml schemas.

unix review: dns and bind ... help for sysadmins, book review.

macnn: where is os 9.2?

freshmeat: pypgsql 1.3.

kuro5hin op-ed: java is dying.

reuters: bush to push biotech at genoa. paying back monsanto. instead of finding bioengineered methods to feed the future overpopulation of our planet, what about birth control and education ... ? a single biotech that caused cancer could probably bankrupt a country in health care costs.

running late this morning. postings in a little bit ...